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Found 8 results

  1. I am debating what brand or if I even want to upgrade the trigger bar in my G35 Gen 4. I currently have a lightened lonewolf striker, TTI disconnect/spring kit, which I am much happier with then the ZE springs, they seem the crispest. I am curious what peoples opinions are on a ZEV trigger vs Apex or if I should just stick with the stock bar and use the money for ammo.
  2. I installed the flat advanced Apex trigger on my p320 x5. It took it down 1 1.2 lbs. I also did some polishing which took it down another 1 1/2 lbs. You can def feel the difference. I bought an extra trigger bar spring and am going to fool around with it to see if I can lighten the trigger a little more. (I tried to post a pic but even after I resize, it still comes in at 3.23 mb and the site says max of .49MB) Anyone know how to remedy that mych of a size diff?
  3. Hello Everyone! First off I would like to say that I am new to the forums and I was directed to post this question here! So here it is: I have a S&W M&P 45acp that I installed an Apex Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit into and I have had issues with double firing. The gun is brand new and nothing else has been done to it and I had no problems up until this point. I think it might be the sear spring but not sure (it was recommended that it might be the sear spring this morning, I have not tried it yet). Anyway, when I initially installed the kit I put the weaker spring in and I really thought the trigger pull was a bit light, but nice none the less. Anyway, I had several "doubles" and I thought that it might have been the combination of the light trigger, the recoil and the fact that I might have been "riding the trigger" a little bit. So I install the heavier trigger return spring (the green spring) and test fired the gun and it did great, as a matter of a fact I ran it 2 complete matches with no issues..then this past Sunday at a match doubled on me 4 times in the first stage. Several fixes have been suggested the one that I am planning to try next is to replace the kit provided sear spring with the factory sear spring and if that does not work then I am planning to reinstall all of the factory parts. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and I would like to thank you all in advance. Also, it is very possible that I have something installed incorrectly this is my first trigger job so again any suggestions, comments, recommendations, etc...are greatly appreciated and thank you all again in advance. -smf
  4. Friends, Wanted to share some of my own findings with you regarding Sig magazine extensions. Right now, the three non-Sig metal extensions that I am aware of are Apex, Taylor Freelance, and TRT, also pictured is the Sig 20 round SWAT German magazine. All of the magazine extensions have been mounted on MecGar 20 round magazines. These are slightly longer and allow proper fitting, especially if using the TRT Maxwell. The Taylor Freelance for sure will not work on a regular Sig magazine; it will not seat.
  5. The way I read the rules it is not production legal ONLY because of the trigger. I am hoping this is not the case. Please advise.
  6. Sooner or later I'm going to be getting another pistol, probably .40, undoubtedly used, probably polymer striker fired. There's an abundance of M&P and Glock used police pistols which is making them a very attractive option, to either pick up an M&P 40 full size or G22 used then put a good trigger in it. I currently have a G34 with the Ghost Rocket in it and love it. My question then is, though, how would you compare a Glock with that connector (or better?) to an M&P with the Apex Competition kit in it? I know people who have them and they swear by them but I haven't had the chance to actually try one myself. Anyone here own both or have had one or the other and have preference between them and why?
  7. Has anyone put an Apex trigger on their CARRY gun? I know many have on their competition gun. Just wondering what people's thoughts were.
  8. I recently picked up the M&P Shield in 9mm, and love it. Also started loading and shooting bayou bullets as love them as well. The pistol is reliable and the bullts are accurate with no leading and little smoke. 124 gr bayou bullet Starline case CCI SP primer Power pistol powder (going to try longshot and bluedot when I can find it) Anyway I got in touch with apex tactical to find out if their Forward Set Sear and Trigger kit will work in the Shield. It will not but was told they maybe working on it with R&D. Apparently they have gotten a number of requests for this, so if there is anyone out there that would be interested in this product from them please contact themand let them know!
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