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Found 94 results

  1. I bought a new SP-01 safety model. This will be replacing my M&P 9 pro for 3 gun. When converting to SAO, is it all in the trigger or do I need to change the hammer too? I'm also going to remove the FPB if this makes a difference. For those of you who have built these guns, what all did you do?
  2. Starting to get hooked (again) on CZ's! Birthday present to me. First pistol match in two months, coupled with sunshine and my girl feeling better had me rather happy!
  3. Two quick questions. First, the Shooting Sport Innovations Nitro Fin for the Tanfo apparently can be fitted for a TS. Anyone done this yet? Thoughts? Second - does anyone make reduced power mag release springs for the TS? I've been unable to locate one.
  4. Got mine in today from CZ Custom. Quick review: First impression. It's heavy. You can feel it's a little thicker but still basicly feels like other shadows. Trigger pull is nice. But still has that long reach. DA weighs in at 9.5lbs and the SA is 3.1lbs (average of 10 pulls). Extended mag release is a nice addition also. I will give a range report shortly. Rain is out of control lately
  5. 45 Raven

    CZ 97B

    What happened to the CZ 97B pistols? A few months ago there were several available at more than a few locations and now the supply seems to have dried up. Just a temporary lull, or is something else up?
  6. How are you all doing?! I am approaching my 21st birthday so I will finally get to buy my first handgun. While my dad has handguns so I'm not new to the handgun world of shooting, I am looking for something special as my first pistol. I am in CA so we do have a roster, basically all guns except for glock gen 3's are illegal here. That being said, I have a friend that is offering to sell me his Springfield Model P9 LSP (long slide ported) for my birthday. I am trying to find as much information as I can but Google is lacking of much information. I could only find that they are Tanfo OEM parts assembled in the US by Springfield (I don't even know if this is correct). I was also told that they used to be used heavily as Open guns if they were chambered in 9x21 to make major power factor. This one my buddy is selling is chambered in 9x19. Anyone here own one and/or have more information surrounding this pistol? Where can I get extra parts? Barrels? Sights? I kinda want to shoot this in production but it is ported.... Thanks in advanced!
  7. Howdy All! New to the forum. Happy Saturday!
  8. I have some questions for any of you Tanfoglio experts out there. I am currently in the process of converting my small frame 9x19 Tanfo one of the Israeli imported 'Mossad" version. I am getting my frame drilled and threaded for a mount. One question is what mount do you all recommended? I bought a ipscalex mount to try but the right sided screw holes will interfere with my serial number, rather than pay to have the serial number moved I am just going to go with another mount. I am assuming I could use a CZ mount since the holes have not been yet done on my pistol. Can anyone confirm this? From reading thru the forums it seems the Cheely mount is highly recommended. So I am considering this mount in the CZ/Czech mate version. I also assume that a 2011 mount would not be the best fit height wise, but I am not certain on this either. If anyone who has played with different mounts has the answers any help would be much appreciated. Secondly if anyone knows where to source a small frame 9x19 6 inch barrel please let me know, or PM me if you have one. Thanks all for your help, I will be sure to post pictures once the project is complete. Pretty sure I am going PVD coated on the finish so it might be a bling, bling Tanfo.
  9. Started to dry-fire with my Scorpion to get ready to for next season shooting PCC. One thing I noticed is I needed to down load to 26/25 rounds to be able to reliably speed reload. Anything above that it was hit or miss if the mag would lock into place. Wanted to see if anyone was running into the same thing. My mags are brand new.
  10. Trying to get a good idea of where to start with a 135 RN with titrgroup out of my CZ accushadow. I currently have have been loading 165 RN xtreme with 3.0 gn at 1.150 OAL. This runs smooth and soft out of my gun 100 percent of time. My oress currently is set with an OAL of 1.130 for the BBI. But I'm pretty sure I go load this longer with no problem. At 1.130 it passes the plunk test. Also if anyone has experience with the 135 your thoughts on accuracy v. a 147 would be appreciated Any thoughts and insight as to starting grains and OAL would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  11. I've checked around a little for reviews on these and they seem scarce. Under $600. Anybody tried one or seen one in the wild? http://cz-usa.com/product/cz-712-3-gun-g2/
  12. I understand this topic has been brought up before but ive already eliminated most of the comments people have suggested, Loading 147 gr polymer heads with N320 3.3 gr which used to work flawlessly in an M&P Pro. I now am getting about 1/5 rounds tumbling in the Shadow 2. Crimp is not removing any polymer off the heads. Tried reducing the powder. can anyone help me with this as i am stuck. Note: i would like to stick to 147 gr heads
  13. CZ85Combat

    CZ Shadow 2 video

  14. Hi all, New to the CZ area and am looking to purchase a variation of the shadow, if someone could explain to me the differences between the shadow, shadow line, and shadow orange that would be appreciated, also if someone could tell me what mods can be made to the gun whilst remaining in production division of ipsc. I read other posts but didnt really get a clear cut answer.
  15. I'm officially making the move to (as I've read many other open shooters call it) "The Dark Side". A Little Background: I've been shooting Limited Major for about 14 months, starting with a Glock 35, and switching to a CZ 75 Tactical Sport back in April. My life can pretty much be defined in two parts: life before my Tactical Sport, and life after my Tactical Sport. I've posted plenty of pics and info in the CZ pic threads, so I won't go into any more detail than saying I've made most of the "upgrades" (you could argue the TS doesn't need any) you can make via the Custom Shop, and some grip/frame modification and Cerakoting. The gun has been phenomenally reliable and shoots soooo good. So naturally, since I have an awesome pistol I love, it's time to buy another. I had initially planned on shooting Limited for another year, but as this year was wrapping up, I got impatient and decided it would be WAY more fun to just take the plunge. I've put aside just over $3,000 at this point, and I'm ready to make a purchase. I looked at all kinds of options, and I've whittled it down to a Czechmate... or an STI Trubor. I'm probably 90/10 on my choice. The Czechmate is an obvious choice for me for a LOT of reasons: It's built on the exact same gun I'm shooting currently. Aside from learning to pick up the dot and a much different recoil impulse, I would theoretically have a shorter learning curve, and going back and forth from Limited to Open would be easy. All the parts and upgrades I have for my TS (mag extensions, extended safety, etc.) could transfer back and forth between the two guns. It's an awesome value. I wouldn't need to purchase additional mags, etc. My TS is so phenomenally reliable (and I have a lot of working knowledge of the platform) and I can't help but assume the Czechmate would be as well. I want to shoot 9mm Major, and these forums seem to indicate the Czechmate runs very well in 9mm Major. An STI 2011 is obviously enticing for a number of reasons, but these are the major considerations that still have me on the fence: Absolutely ridiculous amount of aftermarket support, knowledge, and market share in shooting sports. Based on the survey data that USPSA published in Front Sight from the 2014 Nationals, everyone and their mom shoots the 2011 platform, including the most successful shooters in the sport. Therefore, they MUST be awesome... right? However, I have also heard a fair amount of negative things about some of the (arguably) "lower end" STI's like the Trubor that you don't hear about in custom 2011's, Infinities, etc. I won't get into the things I've heard (and witnessed at matches) but I do have a silly belief that spending this kind of money on a competition gun means it should run and run and run. Based on the background I provided, can you guys give me some input on my choice? If you think the 2011 is the platform to go with, please explain to me why. Basically, I'm buying a Czechmate unless some experienced STI owners can convince me here that the Trubor (or similar) is the better choice. One last thing: I know spending some more $$$ can get me a 2011 that will run like a sewing machine. However, at this point in my life, $3k is what I have to work with. Also, I wouldn't be opposed to shooting a used 2011 open gun, but they seem to be in pretty high demand, and I don't want to sit around too long waiting for that "perfect deal".
  16. What do you consider the best CZ to build a Carry Optics setup with 35oz weight limit? Thoughts -I am assuming that weight can be added to get as close as possible to 35oz by potentially adding heavy guide rod and/or mag base pads. -Since sight radius is not important it seems that a short light slide may improve slide speed and cycle time. -Longer barrel will allow getting PF with less powder and less flip/recoil?
  17. As I did research on what open division gun I wanted, and looked for every photo of a Czechmate I could find on the internet, I noticed that the forums here were lacking a thread specifically dedicated to images of the CZ Czechmate. If you are a Czechmate owner, let's see them photos. I'll start with my newly purchased CM I just picked up today:
  18. I recently installed a CGW competition hammer on my CZ P01 and everything worked fine for about 300 rounds. On my fourth outing with it the trigger got hard to pull a couple of times and then went dead. I can decock it and shoot one shot in DA, but the trigger is dead for the SA shot. I took it home and wiggled the trigger until it started working again and lubed it up just in case. This morning I took it back to the range and after about 8 shots it got hard to pull in SA and then went dead again. I brought it home and wiggled the trigger again and now it works in SA, but there is a delay before the hammer falls. Any suggestions as to what I may have done wrong in the install? Thanks for any help.
  19. All, Looking for the TS extended wide safety that goes on the left side (for a right handed shooter). CZC is out and no timeline when they will come in. I have searched all over and can't find any alternatives. Does anyone know of another place to get it from or if there is an alternate out there? Any help is appreciated!
  20. I thought I would share the CZ 75 (pre armorer's manual that I've found. There is some useful information there in case one wants to do some gunsmithing by themselves. Click the DB link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yphvmphe1e09w6y/cz_75_armourer_manual.pdf?dl=0
  21. I've been trying to muddle my way through figuring out what divisions the various models of Shadows and Sphinx SDP are legal for use. Here's what I've been able to gather so far (5/23/2015): IDPA SSP CZ 75 Shadow SA/DA CZ 75 Shadow Custom & Custom 2014 CZ 75 Shadow T CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Custom & Custom 2014 CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target Sphinx SDP Subcompact Alpha Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha/Black/Krypton/Sand/Duo-Tone/Stainless Sphinx SDP Standard Alpha Sphinx SDP Compact Black/Sand/Duo-Tone IDPA ESP CZ 75 Shadow SA CZ 75 Shadow SA/DA CZ 75 Shadow Custom & Custom 2014 CZ 75 Shadow T CZ 75 Accu-Shadow Lite CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Custom & Custom 2014 CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target Sphinx SDP Subcompact Alpha Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha/Black/Krypton/Sand, but not Duo-Tone/Stainless Sphinx SDP Standard Alpha Sphinx SDP Compact Black/Sand, but not Duo-Tone USPSA Production CZ 75 Shadow SA/DA CZ 75 Shadow T CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target CZ 75 SP-01 Accu-Shadow Sphinx SDP Compact, all variants up to max weight of 45 oz, 9mm, 3.7" Barrel USPSA Limited/Limited-10 Anything goes, but no magazines >140mm, barrel porting, compensators USPSA Open Anything goes, but no magazines >170mm Questions I included the Accu-Shadow Lite in IDPA ESP because the barrel bushing makes it illegal for SSP, but since it doesn't have a full-length dust cover, it ought to be legal for ESP? Although not explicitly named in the USPSA Production gun list, are the Shadow Custom & Custom 2014 allowed? Also in the USPSA Production gun list, the Accu-Shadow Lite is not explicitly named and therefore disallowed? No. (http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=215692&p=2399168) None of the Sphinx SDPs are listed yet on the USPSA Production gun list, but it's implied that they will be eventually. Do we have to wait or are they accepted already? They're listed under KRISS, USA, not Sphinx: "All variants of the Sphinx SDP compact, up to max weight of 45 oz. 9mm, 3.7" Barrel." For the poor saps in California who can no longer buy any new CZ Shadows, is it legal in any of these divisions to buy a base model CZ and have it modded up to exactly match the production CZ Shadows by CZ Custom Shop? Technically, yes. (http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=215692&p=2399115) Is this correct? Am I missing anything?
  22. rhart123

    Shipping Firearms

    Does anyone know how to go about shipping a gun back to the manufacturer? Do I have to send through a FFL?
  23. Can I replace the extended magazine release on my SP01 Shadow with a magazine release from a CZ Tactical Sport? Looking a the rule book it states: "Any other components which are externally visible may ONLY be replaced with OFM parts which are offered on the specific model of gun or another approved gun from the same manufacturer except as specifically clarified below. Examples of external components which may only be replaced with OFM parts include (but are not limited to): magazine releases, slide stops, thumb safeties and triggers." Now the CZ Tactical is single action only and therefore not on the approved production gun list, however in the special notes section there is this statement: "A factory/OFM magazine release which extends only the length of the magazine release may be used. A magazine release which provides a larger surface area (paddles, buttons) may only be used if it is an OFM part available on an approved model of gun." Since the CZ Tactical Sport magazine release is an OFM part, manufactured by CZ UB/USA, and it only extends the length of the magazine release it seems that this modification would be legal. What are some are some of your thoughts?
  24. I have a CZ P 07 that I want to shoot. Am I reading the rules right that it does not qualify for SSP because it's DA/SA? Would you shoot it in ESP or the new CCP? I also want to get a P 09. I also have an M&P Pro CORE that at this moment would work for SSP. Thoughts? IDPA Newb
  25. I picked up a new Czechmate and am starting to test loads. I have reamed the barrel so I can load longer. N350 fills the case almost to the top. but it is clean. So I went and did some testing last night. All were loaded in mixed range pickup brass with Precision Delta 124JHP N350 OAL 1.160 Autocomp OAL 1.155 Gn AV ES Sd PF Gn AV ES Sd PF 6.4 1271 60 20 157.6 6.4 1306 56 18 161.9 6.8 1284 56 20 159.2 6.6 1325 59 16 164.3 6.8 1325 47 11 164.3 6.8 1351 37 12 167.5 7.0 1354 33 9 167.8 7.0 1384 34 11 171.6 N350 at 7.0 gn @ 17 yards group was 3/4" Autocomp At 7.0 gn @ 17 yards group was 1"
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