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Found 51 results

  1. 3- Gun Match Stockton Missouri Bear Creek Tactical Ops Pro 2nd Amendment Jim Bob for Sheriff Shoot! Rain or Shine we will be shooting! We will have food and water available! Event Cost $35.00 per person (With Food and Beverage) $40.00 We will have a Long Gun "Sniper" Side Shoot with 50% payout Cost $50.00. Location: Bear Creek Tactical Ops 14245 S 2075 Road Stockton Mo 65785 This is a 3-Gun Nation Club Shoot
  2. Having shot competitively for a couple years, having laid down goals, and having met some and not others, now seems like a good time to start writing about it. I shot a small amount when I was a teenager, but didn't give it much thought until I got out of Kansas State. Then, the simple, utilitarian guns I had gotten as sixteenth birthday presents (an old break-top 20 gauge and a 10/22 International) came with me to Colorado Springs. In 2009, I had an epiphany...namely that I was over 21 and this is America, so a handgun of my own seemed in order. I picked up a .22, then a 92FS, and shot both for a few months before hitting an extremely comprehensive basic pistol class, where I was quickly reminded of one key educational principle: "There is always more to learn." About a year and a half after that, I wound up shooting IDPA at monthly matches in Clear Creek, and I quickly branched out into USPSA and Steel Challenge. Last year, I wound up picking up 3-gun and practical rifle on top of that. I don't shoot much IDPA anymore, though I'm still largely attracted to "working" guns. For now, my match schedule contains about a half dozen USPSA matches a month, including one where I'm on the Board of Directors, one where I'm the match director, and one where I'm the match director until Hoser gets back from wherever the hell Uncle Sam sent him. My goal for those is, so far, to not hork them up so badly that people spray-paint Hoser's car for leaving. I get about as much enjoyment putting on a good match as shooting a good match, but what's the point of putting me on the clock if I don't want to be at the top of the list? On top of USPSA, once a month Pueblo runs a very challenging tactical rifle match, with a short and a long field stage involving 25 required engagements at targets between 100 and 400 yards, along with a standards stage. Pueblo also hosts Steel Challenge weekly during the spring and the summer, and there's a few clubs around here who do the full blown 8 stages every so often. For 3-gun, Byers and Weld both run "square range" type setups, and the Johnsons run absolutely excellent club matches in Raton when the weather's not terrible (and they don't have a major match in the way). On top of all this, once or twice a month I get to help teach the very basic pistol class that got me into shooting in the first place. Classifications Production: B Revolver: B SCSA: B (done with my Prod gun) Guns Production: M&P 9 Pro with a .40 as a backup Revolver: S&W 625 4" and S&W 327 5" 3-gun: Remington 1100 TAC-4, Larue 20", and M&P 9 Pro Major match goals for 2014 (I make no promises to remember the titles) Rocky Mountain 3-Gun and HM Nationals (staff) Noveske Area 2 Multigun Pike's Peak Regional Shotgun Challenge At least one level 2 steel challenge match where I don't eat a DNF Rocky Mountain Regional ICORE (schedule permitting) Help run at least a level 2 match, wherever in the state it may be. One Bite at a Time Goals for Winter Shoot A-class with my 625 Use the 625 to refine stage breakdown skills especially as they may apply to remembering bigass RM3G stages Reliably hit a 12" target offhand with slugs at 50 yards Unlock the mysteries of the Larue barrel nut Try not to forget how a semi-auto works Start recording more of my matches so I can figure out what I'm doing Don't forget dry fire Longer Term Goals Shoot A-class with my M&P Break and maintain top 3 finishes in rifle matches and club 3-gun matches in my division Steel Challenge A-class with Iron Sight Revo and Production Incite holy wars on Youtube After all that, let's get things rolling with How I Spent My Summer Vacation Last Weekend and What I Want to Do Next Weekend Sunday was a fun match at Aurora Gun Club, lots of distance work. There was one other revo shooter (who signed up for L10 so he could use his 8-round clips), and the advantage of 8-round on field stages was obvious. I shot 93% of available points, with no penalties. My biggest takeaway was one of our M-class guys asked me why the hell I was standing still so much. That's a very good question. This weekend was one to dust off some of my spinnygun cobwebs, and I need to remember how long it takes me to reload (and how much distance I can cover in that time), and how to reload moving in different directions. Advancing is easy, but going hard right or hard left while weak-hand loading takes practice. Monday I got to play match director. We were one body short from our normal setup crew -- poor guy had to spend his birthday with his wife. Luckily we got 4 pretty fun stages going. We still had a bit of a squad churn issue. With two indoor bays, we have to remember how to balance stages against each other, but also how to effectively convert stages from their Stage 1/Stage 2 configurations into Stage 3/Stage 4. Squad 1 got to start on a fairly quick stage, and converting it to the classifier was pretty quick. I picked a classifier without multiple strings, which probably contributed to them finishing pretty damned quick. That said, it was a good classifier and I think I shot a 77% (Melody Line). I'm still learning a ton about how to run the smoothest possible match, and I haven't had any ludicrous f*#kups yet. Next weekend, Saturday will be at Byers, which is a bit of a trek for me. Aurora may also be running an NRA Action Pistol match, which could be a ton of fun or way over my head, one way or another. I don't know of anyone else who does that around here, so maybe it'll be a nice way to remember my accuracy skills. Sunday is one of my favorite matches, down at Pueblo. They set up excellent stages, often very mobile, and always creative.
  3. I am getting ready to make a move on a CK Arms 2011 Open gun in 9mm for USPSA and 3 gun. For $400 extra I can get the Steel grip... Is it worth the coin? I shoot open now and know that the heavier the lower/frame and the lighter the slide the faster the gun cycles. I also prefer 115 grain projectiles for the faster feel... Any reason not to get the steel grip other than cost? I figure I am already spending a pile of money for what i want... might as well get it the way i want it. Just want to get some feedback from you guys who have shot the polymer and steel grips and see if there is a big difference.
  4. Has anyone heard of one of these? I would think it would be pretty easy to make, just wondering if anyone has made one? I know I could put a piece of rail on the end and use a Larue Q/D mount, but would love to have one that just attaches to the keymod itself. The other question does anyone run key mod with a q/d bipod, if so how do you do it?
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Michael and I am the director of 3GUN4VETS. This is a non-profit organization designed to provide deserving combat veterans with a free 2 day 3gun clinic. Clinic includes instruction with top notch instructors from all over the U.S. weapons, ammo and equipment free of charge. We are hosting the first annual charity match to raise funds to cover shipping costs for the equipment as it travels all over the U.S. . Please come out and show your support for our veterans and this great cause. Match will have 6 stages, fee is $85 which will include T-shirt,dinner & beer after the match. There will also be a raffle for guns,bags,glasses,cases and other cool swag tickets are $5 or 5 for $20. Please sign up ASAP as I can only accommodate 72 shooters for this one day event. Match details and sign up are on 3gun4vets.com. We can also be found on Facebook and practiscore, help spread the word like the page and contact vets you think are deserving of this amazing opportunity. I hope to see you on the range!!! Match will be held in DOTHAN,AL @ the DOTHAN GUN CLUB 21/NOV/15 V/R Mike 3GUN4VETS-Director
  6. The match is August 6-8, 2015 at Rockcastle Shooting Center. Competitors should plan to be at the Rock all day on the 7th and 8th. Staff will be shooting on Thursday the 6th, when competitors may view stages that are not occupied with staff. 14 stages, approximately ~270 rounds (bird, buck and slugs). 4 Short courses, 4 medium courses, 5 long courses and 1 really long course of 50+ rounds. At this time, I am planning about 50 rounds each of buckshot and slugs total in the match. 13 stages will be in compliance with the 2015 IPSC shotgun rules: http://www.ipsc.org/...ulesShotgun.pdf which will also define equipment rules for Open, Standard and Standard Manual Division. We are also offering an "Outlaw" division which will use the USPSA Tac-Ops shotgun division rules. Equipment checks will be conducted at check-in in a manner similar to what will occur at WorldShoot on the afternoon of the 6th. No competitor will be allowed to commence competition prior to equipment check in any of the IPSC divisions. On the 14th stage of 50+ rounds, Open competitors will be allowed to ignore the division magazine restrictions of the IPSC ruleset and Standard and Standard manual will be allowed to ignore the dimensions and locations related to caddies and shells carriers of the IPSC ruleset. For Open, I see no reason why magazines can not be blocked to be in compliance with the IPSC Open division rules. If you are trying to decide between Standard and Outlaw, these rules might help some of you decide: 5.2.3 Unless otherwise specified in the written stage briefing the competitor’s equipment belt carrying cartridges (in caddies, loops, clips, bags or pouches) and/or detachable magazines and/or speed loaders must be worn at waist level. “Chest-rigs”, bandoliers and similar carriers are expressly prohibited. Additional ammunition carriers mounted on forearms are permitted provided that cartridges are carried individually in loops or clips. 5.2.5 When carried in loops, clips or caddies no part of any cartridge is permitted to extend further than 75mm from a competitor's body. Cartridges carried on the gun are exempt and loose cartridges carried in a pouch or bag are usually exempt from this rule. The Range Master’s decision will be final in this matter. Open Division competitors are exempt from this rule. The measurement is to be taken while the competitor is standing naturally upright. If you have entered a IPSC division and can not pass equipment check, you can adjust your gear or opt to be moved to Open or Outlaw. For the Ladies, we have partnered with Benelli and A Girl and a Gun to offer two all lady squads with a class and a coach through the match. Space is limited: http://www.agirlanda...l-championship/ Entry fee is $150 and registration will open at noon on March 15, 2015. Will get a Practiscore link for registration posted soon.
  7. Okay guys, I'm an experienced reloader and have loaded 223 for AR's before. Just need to get some advice to direct me to step one. First off I will be loading for a rifle with an adj gas block/ JP captured spring w/ a 1-8" twist barrel so I will be able to tune the gun once I find a load. 1) Is it cost effective to reload your 55gr practice ammo? Looked at prices and it seems close 2) Do yall use different loads for practice and match? 55 & 69gr? 3) DO you develop a load first then tune your rifle to it or tune the rifle then find the load it likes? 4) Are yall loading for max power, power factor, or softest round possible? Thanks for the help guys
  8. Hi everyone, We are hosting a 3Gun Competition Oct 3rd for one of our County Deputy's-Tim Kennedy, who is battling cancer. (My husband is a Patrol Deputy & SWAT with The Jackson County Sheriff's Office as well.) Tim is currently going thru chemo and his family only has his income to depend on. The entry fee will be $125 with all proceeds going to Tim Kennedy's family. We are hoping for 140 shooters with 2 days of shooting with 6 full stages of fire. We will also be raffling off either a handgun or AR package. In a nutshell, we want this competition to be huge. Here's what we need: *A Title Sponsor- $1,000-$1,500 donations-either money or product for prize table. Your business name will also be advertised in color on flyer-large print. *Tier 1 Sponsor- $1,000-$500 donations-either money or product for prize table. Your business name will also be advertised in color on flyer. *Tier 2- $500 donations. Your logo will be on flyer as well *Tier 3- Full Stage Sponsor. $500 for Stage set-up. Your banners/flags displayed on stage walls and stage description. Your name/logo on stage breakdown given out to shooters. Flyers will be made as soon as we can get sponsors committed. They will be delivered to all local LEO, and emailed to other agencies. This shoot will be open to LEO first, then to general public. We will have trophies for the top shooters in each category division. We have 2 handguns donated thus far, but are looking for much more. I have VORTEX as a sponsor right now and I'm hoping for the support of many more. Please help with any available feedback or forward to those who may want to help sponsor this event. Sincerely, Becky Brackett Sponsor Director 'Tim Kennedy Benefit 3Gun' in Southern Oregon 541-601-4267 brackett127@gmail.com
  9. I have been reading up on the Oakley M-Frame 3.0 with the Prizm lenses. From what I can tell, I'd really like the function of them. I also read reviews that they pair well with ear protection, which tends to be an issue for me. I have 20/20 so my $20 glasses fatigue my eyes and give me a headache but my Oakley Commits never do. I love the clarity. But, with split lenses it makes a slight blind spot during 3-gun that I'd like to get rid of. My biggest problem is that I'm a petite woman. It seems that most of the Oakley SI line is designed for men, but if they aren't too big for my face that doesn't bother me. Any lady shooters or wives/girlfriends out there who have tried them? Thanks!
  10. As a reminder, the dates for the 2015 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun have been set for March 27-29, 2015. We are in the process of finalizing the registration process that will be used this year. We are dedicated to constantly improving the process so that everyone has an equal chance of getting into our match. Like last year, we are planning to begin the registration process in late October in order to give everyone plenty of time for travel plans. Please follow this topic so that you can remain informed. Expect that the registration details will be published very soon. Thanks for your continued interest in our match. SMM3G - STAFF
  11. I have a gift certificate for a Nordic comp, I can choose either the Tactical of Corvette comp, does anyone have any input on which is better? This is going on a light weight competition AR build in 223. 16in barrel, adj. gas, and a lightweight bcg, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. I am waiting for those with more $$$ and experience to try every conceivable combination of magazine bodies, guts, springs, and or basepads.....and find one that fits, drops free, and will run. While I wait, I thought I would try to find a holster that fits. Does anyone, who owns one, know what holsters will fit? According to the box, it is an "ARMSCORP PRECISION INTERNATIONAL 1911 A2 CAL 40S&W PISTOL FS-Pro Match" Model #517382. (I scratched my head as well. Everyone states 51738, but sure enough, mine has a "2" at the end. I dont know if this means anything, or it is just a typo) Thanks in advance for any advice. -Joe
  13. Phoenix Rod & Gun November Rifle Match This Month we will again hold the Rifle match. This month we will be starting at 2 PM after we change the stages up a bit from the morning pistol match. This month the match contains 3-gun style rifle and pistol stages. Meaning -- that you will need to shoot both pistol and rifle on some stages. So don't forget you pistol and holster. This match IS squadded. So show up ready to shoot at 2PM and don't forget to squad yourself. Please also pre-register for that match on this link: Https://clubs.practiscore.com/november-phoenix-rod-and-gun-club-1st-sat-of-the-month-rifle-match/register Pre-Registering is very helpful as is saves me allot of time and helps me to plan for how to best run the match. The continued success of these matches depends on your cooperation with these requests. This month will begin set-up for the match after Thursday night steel is finished around 7pm. In appreciation for your assistance, you can shoot the match for free in addition to cash for gas/lunch. Please email me if you can help.
  14. This coming Saturday, September 6th is the next regularly scheduled RIFLE match for the club. With the usual 5 stages including a LONG RANGE STAGE. The match starts at 3PM. This match contains 3-gun style rifle only stages. Please Pre-Register at the link listed here. https://clubs.practiscore.com/september-2014-rifle-match-phoenix-rod-and-gun-club/register Pre-Registering is very helpful as is saves me allot of time and helps me to plan for how to best run the match. The continued success of these matches depend on your cooperation with these requests. This month will begin set-up for the match after Thursday night steel is finished around 8pm. In appreciation for your assistance, you can shoot the match for free in addition to cash for gas/lunch. Please email me if you can help.
  15. I am looking at having a 9mm 2011 built up to be used as my 3 gun pistol. This will be my first 2011 so I am pretty new to all things 2011. The grips the smith uses are PTs. I am looking at the metal grips and am trying to decide on the aluminum vs steel grips. My concern is the weight of the steel with a loaded mag and running around a stage with the pistol in the holster with all that weight in the grip of the gun. I've only held, not shot, the two grips side by side and the aluminum feels significantly lighter. I am going Wednesday to shoot both to see what I like better but I am just thinking of 3gun stages like at the Fallen Brethren where the pistol may be the last gun used and you have to cover some good distance at a brisk pace from the beginning to the end of the stage and you have the extra weight of the steel grip flopping around in the holster. Any downside to an aluminum grip in a 9mm 2011? I've heard of cracking issues but haven't seen any with the PTs (from what I have read). Anything advice or suggestions would be appreciated before I shoot them both this week. Thanks! Nick
  16. Rose City Flying Clays 3 Gun Competiton 7/26/2014 Standard Deviation Arms is a proud sponsor of this event in Tyler TX I'll Post more information as it becomes available This is a first 3gun style match in the area by new match directors at a newer facility in East TX ,with great prizes to include an Anderson AR15 Follow them at http://www.facebook.com/tylertexas3gun Registration is discounted to $100 for a limited time The MD's are hoping to generate the interest to make this match a regular occurrence... Please ask questions, comments concerns and any possible sponsorship/volunteer/whatever and I will relay them to the MD's for everyone here on ENOS.
  17. On-line Registration for paid shooters begins: Sunday October 20th 2013 5pm MST Paying competitors wishing to apply for the match: For those of you that have not yet participated in the on-line registration process using Match Director, the process is simple and straight forward. Simply access the website at: https://matchdirector.com/app/comp/match/view/bda05bab-ac51-42dd-9fb0-8e572803ccea Between now and Sunday October 20th 2013 5pm MST you may practice the entry process to become familiar with it. On Oct 20th, completing the same process will complete your registration process into the match. If you are told “Congratulations You have been entered in the match”, that is your confirmation that you indeed made it in the match which is contingent upon our receipt of your check along with the printed confirmation within 2 (TWO) WEEKS of registering. Send checks to: SMM3G P.O. Box 52770 Mesa, Arizona 85208 There are no-exceptions to the following policy: If your check is not received by November 3rd, 2013, your slot will be given to the next person on the wait list. Using the online registration, if you do not make it into the match because the match has already filled, you will be placed on a wait list automatically arranged by time of your registration attempt. Using the email address that you provide during the online registration process, we will keep you informed about the status of the match and the current wait list order. If people drop out, you will be immediately notified via email regarding the open slots. Wait listed shooters will be required to submit payment within ONE WEEK of being notified of the open slot. Approved Sponsored shooters will be contacted to sign-up using a different website. Approved sponsored Shooters may contact: Mick Bjelopavlic prizecoordinator@smm3gun.com for further registration info. Only one registration entry is allowed per person and a valid email is required for each shooter. Duplicate emails will not be allowed by the system. Email correspondence will be essential with keeping you up to date regarding the match. When you register, please have the following information ready. T-Shirt Size, Division you plan to shoot, Shooting partner full names, Preferences of an AM or PM start time, valid personal email to receive confirmation. We hope that you will enjoy the Match and hope that this automated process will allow us to keep you more informed about the match and make it an even more enjoyable experience. http://www.smm3gun.com/registration.html
  18. I was looking around and thinking about picking up a used Benelli M1 or M2 to set up for 3 gun. I was on Nordic's website and it looks like they share a magazine extension and bolt handle, Which leaves me with a few questions: 1. Are other parts (stocks,barrels,etc) interchangable between the models? 2. Were there any major issues with the M1 that were fixed by moving to the M2? 3. For $700 or a little less for low mileage looking M1's does it seem worth it or just get the M2? Thanks in advance for you help
  19. This coming Saturday, June 7th is the next regularly scheduled USPSA match for the club. With the usual 4 stages including a classifier. The match starts at 7AM. Please Pre-Register at the link listed here. https://clubs.practiscore.com/june-uspsa-match-phoenix-rod-and-gun-club/register Afterwards, we will again hold the Rifle match starting at 3pm after we change the stages up a bit. This match contains 3-gun style rifle only stages. Now that it is getting hotter outside, please also indicate your preference regarding the start time. Since 3pm is usually the hottest time of the day, we might want to start a little later in the summer. Please let me know what you think. Please also pre-register for that match on this different link: https://clubs.practiscore.com/june-rifle-match-phoenix-rod-and-gun-club/register Pre-Registering is very helpful as is saves me allot of time and helps me to plan for how to best run the match. The continued success of these matches depend on your cooperation with these requests. Due to the heat - This month we will begin set-up for the match on Thursday Night around 8:30 pm. I will also spend the entire day Friday there making sure that the match is ready for you on Saturday. Any and all help is appreciated at any time that is convenient for you. In addition you can shoot the match for free in addition to cash for gas/lunch. Please email me if you can help. azuspsa@gmail.com
  20. I am trying to work up a load for the .224 Berger 75gr VLD bullets. The BC for these is significantly higher than for sierras or noslers so I'd like to have this load for long distance+high winds at 3gun. We routinely shoot to 500 - 600 yards so I get lots of practice at this. My normal load is 23.8 gr of 8208 with a 69gr smk, 2900 fps out of a 18" JP barrel. The groups I've shot with the Bergers so far on the 8208 have not been good so I'm thinking I need a slower powder. I'd love to test Varget but cannot find any. Anyone have success loading this bullet for 3gun?
  21. So I shot my first 3gun match and had a blast. Since I enjoyed it so much I'll probably try some USPSA matches as well this year. Currently shooting a 4.25" M&P 9mm. My tax check is coming in a few weeks, and I'm already thinking about a new competition gun even though I've got better things to put the money to. I like my M&P ok, but I figure there are better, if not much better, options out there. Modifying my M&P is not out of the question, but I'm no gunsmith and it'd need to be super dummy-proof. A little backgound first. I'm new to competition and handgunning in general this year. I'm going to do some training this year, already got some lined up. I really don't have too much experience with other guns, just a few mags through a buddy's Glock and gov't 1911. Based on what I've read, for 3gun I might be better off sticking with a striker-fired pistol but I'm not necessarily set on it. I'd also prefer, for now anyway, to stick with a single gun for both disciplines. Looking at Limited Division for USPSA, Tac Optics for 3gun. Not looking at a custom gun or anything, probably needs to stay at/under $1000. By doing that I'd have a little money for add'l and/or extended mags, new holster, etc. What would y'all recommend? New gun? Modify what I've got? What mods are important for Limited/3gun? All recommendations & advice gratefully received, even if it's STHU and get to practicing with what I've got... Thanks!
  22. This coming Saturday following our regular USPSA match consisting of Four Stages including a Classifier we will hold a rifle match. For those of you with rifles that want to have extra fun - We are going to shoot the stages with our AR's after the regular match is finished and we convert the stages to rifle only targets. We hope this to become a regular event that will take the place of the hole left from the missing Tactical Carbine Defense Match. This will also serve as great practice to get ready for the upcoming 3-Gun Season. Since this is the Inaugural Match - We are going to take some time to do it right. Registration will begin at 3:00pm and Shooting will start at 4:00pm. We are planning on shooting a squadded match, using time-plus faults for scoring, and Practiscore for results. Please come out and support this match if you want this to continue on a regular basis. Your input is desired on how this match develops and if it will continue past 3-Gun season. Please spread the word and tell your friends. Thanks
  23. What are the opinions about using online registration (programs such as Match Director) for major match's that fill up very fast. I can see no downside, but I would be interested in hearing any problems that anyone has had in recent times. Thanks in advance for anyone's opinions good or bad !!
  24. OK, So with the new Limited Division Rules, and NROI removing the Size rule and the Approved for Division items. Weight not being an issue with the rules for Limited how many shooters are using a Brass Mag well or other "weighted" Mag well device? And the follow up to that is does it make a difference,, no really make a difference? And for the 3gun shooters, having the heavier mag well? yes/no? Kevin
  25. I haven't shot a three gun match but I'm prepared. I got it all. Including a 22' JM pro. I've been reading all the shotgun threads because I see that the shotgun can be the make it break or it weapon for most matches. I've seen three matches and it's plain to see that the guys that have the shotgun loading down do better. My question is, is barrel length that important and why? I love my shorty JM Pro. I've been shooting trap and skeet with it for practice. I can hit flying birds pretty far out there with full choke with the 22' barrel. I got a 28' ported barrel so it's better for long distance trap and skeet. I also orderd up a new Nordic tube that will give me 13+1 with the 28'. If I understand the rules for tac optics I can start with 8+1 load as many as I can and start the stage as long as the ports are covered. I've read the threads on how to do this. It seems like the trend is moving towards longer barrels. I also don't understand why a ported barel would move you to open. With a shotty how much difference could ports make? Is it that much of an advantage? In short what is the difference between a short barrel and a longer one for three gun? Can 6' really be that different?
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