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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I do have the Glock adjustable sight on it, which I'm not a fan of. I am consistently shooting about 6-8 inches left at 8-10 yards slow fire. At same distance I can make about a 2-3 inch group with the XD I've been shooting for the last seven years. I tend to shoot left with the XD as well, just not as extreme. Someone else also asked if I was jerking the trigger and where my finger was coming into contact with the trigger, which helps eliminate about half of the Left problem, but still nowhere near where it should be. Anyway, I really appreciate the replies. Gave up and sold it in the forums. But I think all of the replies will apply to whatever I get next as well.
  2. Hey yall, I'm shooting left with a G34. G34 is new to me. Been shooting for years and have never had this problem. Have adjusted L vs R grip, and adjusted where my finger is impacting trigger - changed to more of the tip of the finger vs knuckle. Any tips? Happens with VERY slow fire a well as rapid fire. And we're talking WAY left.
  3. Have you calibrated your scale? Is it level?
  4. Hotsauce, Don't feel bad. For whatever reason I had quite a bit of trouble getting lead SWC's from Missouri Bullet to fit as well. I eventually got it but was so severely annoyed that I went ahead and paid the extra 2cents per round to upgrade to FMJ bullets the next go around.
  5. Thanks 98! I think I'll just order one and try messing with it.
  6. Can anyone recommend a decent, cheap engraving tool? Seems to be the most permanent solution. By the by - white out does NOT work. Been there, tried that. :-)
  7. The best kind is the free kind! JK...where does everyone get their opinions on this? Is it just primer pocket issues?
  8. I'd love to shorten it about 8-12 inches. How would this effect the powder measure?
  9. Thanks everyone! Now I know....
  10. Can I shorten a Hornady Case Feeder to fit in a tighter space?
  11. I had no idea that many people used case lube for straight walled cases. Think I will try it too! How do you remove the lube after the loading process is complete?
  12. I never saw sorting cases as very worthwhile. Clean en up and load em!
  13. Ok I think I might be missing something. What's the point of an ambidextrous safety on a 1911? I just bought a S&W 1911 and it has the safety on the left - which I like. The ones with ambi safeties seemed to hit my hand in a way on the right side that I might initiate it accidentally while shooting. Am I the only one that feels this way??
  14. So do any magwells not require any mods? And are Single Stack legal?
  15. This happens a lot. I do the same as the above poster.
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