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  1. Ok here is the update, after reading the comments and even before firing a shot, my son decided to shoot production. I think it was a good choice. Thanks again and DVC!
  2. And this is why i love this sport... Someone is always willing to take time out of their busy schedule to help out their fellow shooters, Awesome! I am still undecided coz y'all have good valid insight to how the game is played. So, I am going to let my son read the comments on this thread and take him to the range this weekend with both guns and let him decide which direction he wants to go. No matter which division he chooses... it is still +1 uspsa shooter! Thnx a bunch everyone and DVC! Be safe and always shoot alpha alpha!?
  3. Safety is always a concern for me, but the kid is responsible and always practices safe gun handling... It's a concern but not an issue. I also agree with you that when i went from iron sights to dot... A lot of the fundamentals started clicking for me. So i decided to stick with open. Now looking back i wonder if shooting open improved my fundamentals or did my fundamentals improved coz of the time i spent in that particular division?
  4. This is really helping so pls keep the pros and cons coming. Thanks again.
  5. My 15 yr old son finally decided to start shooting ipsc. Im not sure if i should let him shoot open div or production. Im asking about those two division coz i have both guns available for him to start with. Need some pros and cons on this... Does it really matter what gun they start with? Thanks in advance.
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