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  1. I use the Brownells mag coupler. Nylon with a spacer so that the mags are stagger, but the base is flat. It is the one Jerry uses in his video on the Brownells web site. Works great. http://www.brownells...ND_CS_MAGAZINES
  2. How difficult is it to change from 1x to 4x? I have the same set up and it is very stiff turning the magnification from 1x to 4x. I am hoping that over time it will loosen up (or more correctly become easier to turn). Despite that, I love mine too.
  3. When will the entry forms be on-line? Glad to see another match within a day's (albeit a long day) drive.
  4. OK, I am not the most experienced shooter on this forum, so maybe I don't understand. Help me out if you will. Many 3 gunners will shoot a mix of ammo. 55gr for hoser stages, 69/77gr handloads for long range. So what is the problem with shooting cheap "crap," i.e., cheap 55 gr in a Krieger or any other top grade barrel? I still want accuracy for the long range stuff. Don't need top accuracy ammo for the hoser stages. Can you expand?
  5. Sound like a good replacement for HPSC, since they are going carbine this year. Just don't make over the 4th.
  6. They cashed my check. I take that as confirmation. See you there Jesse.
  7. My app went in with a big Question mark in the "category" block. Guess Super Senior fits best. Do I need to call??
  8. Put me down for two (2) of the iFiber 0.095" x 0.140" sights. One for my 9mm and one for my .40 Match guns. Do I need to go to the shop page to order?
  9. Could you give us (Tanfoglio shooters) a few more details? Is this a Tanfoglio you are shooting? If so, is small frame or large frame? If so, which SV or STI tubes are you using? If not a Tanfo, I guess I will just wait around until the the magazines with spacers in the back become available from Henning.
  10. Not sure I understand your question completely. Do you mean when shooting through a barrel? In some of those cases, the gun hits the side (or top) of the barrel recoiling and that throws the timing off or the brass bounces right back into the ejection port. Remedy? Stay back and shoot through the barrel whilst keeping the gun out of the barrel.
  11. After about an eight month wait, the .22 conversion for my Match finally arrived:cheers: Have fired about 100 rounds of mixed brand ammo. CCI Mini Mags seem to work the best, but there are still a lot of hiccups. Sometimes it doesn't cycle fully, i.e. doesn't chamber a round. Other times it appears that the empty is ejected to the left rather than to the right causing the whole thing to jam up. But when it runs, it is an accurate little bitch. Anyone else have similar experiences? How many rounds before it is broken in? I have polished the feed ramp and that seemed to help the feeding. Any specific ammo recommendations? Tip, hints, commentary?
  12. I am starting to get concerned . My fax didn't go through until 5:15. I don't think you will ever get in the veteran group. They keep raising the bar.
  13. How does one 'weak hand" reload from a 6 rounder? Three at a time?
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