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  1. I ordered from Sportshooter - I'll give an update later, just in case it can help anyone else.
  2. perttime - I think you're on to something - I also have a young German guy working with me right now ! I'll get a translation of the details on Tuesday morning. Thanks for the lead !
  3. Well, this is tougher than I thought ! I'm not a fan of the Safariland holster and Speed Bees isn't answering their phone or email. (And they don't actually list a holster for the 6", they go up to 5") I called Blade Tech today and was told that they've recently relocated and are streamlining their production to cater to the "tactical" crowd - phasing out revolver holsters. Beginning to think a want ad would be a good idea !
  4. Everyone, thanks for the replies ! I've contacted Speed Beez to see if they can fix me up.
  5. Well I checked Safariland and they had nothing. Hmmm. Hopefully someone else will chime in - I'm sure I've read that a certain Smith holster was a good fit.
  6. The more I shoot my GP, the more I've been interested in getting into some ICORE style matches. Nothing serious, but just wanting to get the GP out more. I thought that Blade Tech was pretty much a standard holster for these games, but couldn't find anything for the 6". (I'm not interested in a leather holster) I'll be using a Wilderness belt. The holsters that are completely open with the end of the barrel sitting on a plug just don't seem to *look* right to me. I was wondering if there was a Smith holster that was in fact a good fit. Any help would be appreciated ! PS What's the deal with brass at these matches - I've heard that you can pick up your own brass... do you mark it or are the games run as 'lost brass' ?
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