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  1. dagz

    625-8 Hammer

    RGS, Please let me know. Thanks. zp
  2. dagz

    625-8 Hammer

    I'd like to try my hands on bobbing my hammer but would like to have a spare before I do it. Can anyone tell me the right hammer(number code please) to get from Brownells? Tips on D-I-Y would be truly appreciated. Thank you guys!
  3. dagz

    Gun Week

    Congratulations Cliff! Great job! Warm regards from your revo shooting fans from the Philippines!
  4. Here's mine. Pachmayr with finger separating bumps and rear nub sanded down. This fills my long skinny fingers and grips well with my big, sweaty palms. Reduced 96% 2240 x 1488 (867.77K) I'm actually considering this option vs. the S&W X-frame grip. Would you know it's pros and cons? Thanks Sir
  5. Can you post a picture of the North Mountain for full figured shooters? I remedied mine by adding a spacer in between the belt and the NM holder. I didn't know Bob has a new design. dagz
  6. This may be out of topic.... but do you routinely prefer hard case box(example:Pelican of Hardigg Storm case) for your revo toys whenever you travel? Or does the plastic box the comes with the gun works for you? Other than security advantage, it sure adds some cool factor!
  7. Congratulations Ricky and all the top ten revo shooters (in the world). Makes me proud to see 3 Filipinos make it to the list. Revo shooters in the Philippines are a rarer breed!
  8. While we're on this topic, I'd like to reiterate my call for a spare randy lee hammer. That seem to be a very sought after commodity in the revo shooting circle outside of U.S. Thanks.
  9. Please send us the video link. Thanks.
  10. This surely is interesting! Any video link you can direct me? Thanks.
  11. How often do you get a squib in an actual match? It seems there is a concern for squibs. Are you loading sub minor PFs? How low do you go? Just wondering....
  12. I've had no luck with Apex hammer. I fired several emails but no reply. Is there other sites we can get these hammers?
  13. Where can we source a bobbed hammer for the 625? Is there such a thing as a "drop-in" hammer?
  14. I want to know your take on the X-500 grips fitted on a 625. The obvious difference is the rubber covered backstrap on the X-frame Hogues. Is this better than stock? Color coordination could be a plus factor since they also come in yellow and orange other than the generic black.
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