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  1. Regardless of which combo of parts, the last thing you need to do after all the fitting is put dye on the sear, and cycle the hammer 15-20 times. Take it apart, and confirm both hooks are grabbing the sear evenly. Saw it again today, beautiful crisp sub 2Lbs trigger, only using one side of the sear. Back in the jig 3 times to get it even. As is, it was beautiful, but would not have lasted. Super happy with end result, good luck.
  2. From the weekend, L10 Time: 4.48 Points: 35-2c's,1d on the last shot HF: 7.81
  3. STI Trojan .45 STI magwell Tungstein guide rod from EGW 10lbs recoilspring Aftec extractor STI stainless ambi safety Trigger job down to 2lbs Chip McCormick 10 round mags I think I'm done adding to this one.... maybe
  4. Load 100, go outside for a bit, refill the primer tube, load 100 go outside Repeat till out of bullets or sunburned
  5. I got a sunburn reloading today... I live in a small apartment, and the only place a reloading bench would sorta fit was by the patio window. My stepdad built it as my christmas present (with dimensions supplied by me). The press is a 550, and the tabletop has a border on the left and right side of the press to act as trays for bullets and brass, it works great! and yes, that is a target on the sliding glass door...
  6. +1 with Zhunter When it comes down to it, it doesn't matter what machine or gym as long as you use it! Good luck
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