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  1. I have real small hands / fingers so 1911's are bulky to me and are 2 handed guns. Where most 9mm are single handed and fit well. I did though do a something a year or so ago when I originally posted this... http://www.samscustomgunworksusa.com/beret...customwork.html My Beretta is now a 1.75 lb pull single action target gun. It will not out shoot my S&W 38 / 357's but at least the groups are not the size of my fist now. If I had it to do all over again with my current knowledge, I would have bought 2 Taurus pistols, one 9, one 40 and convert one to single action and soften the trigger on the 40 frame but leave double action. Then add a .357 sig barrel into the mix. I would have had 2 target pistols or 3 self defense calibers. (40 is pretty worthless for Bullseye.)
  2. I have on my list an EAA Witness Gold, CZ Champion & the STI 9mm. But in my area the chances of hold any of those in hand is like winning the state loto. So I am going to check when I visit mom in Akron OH for any specialize gun stores. I just bought a S&W Model 52 in 38 wadcutter. The trigger is about nothing & 2.25lbs. The first day out I out did everything I ever did with my Beretta 92. So like I figured trigger weight has a lot to do with "my accuracy" but I am not so sure not if 1.5 lbs. is all that necessary. I started this tread because I have shot a Browning many times, these other guns I will be lucky to ever hold in hand. I just know the 1911 & 45 ACP is not my "cup of tea" ... 1911 & 9mm unknown. I was offered a chance to shoot one in the spring so will take the guy up on his offer. Thanks, Butch
  3. My father did well with a 1972 Browning Hi Power. That is why I started with this tread. I figured I could get a clone or even a Hi Power and spend $100 or so on trigger work and have a nice toy for Bullseye shooting and not have 2 grand in the whole deal.
  4. Sorry don't know the lingo. What is an SV? Beachface? Good trigger & long life sounds great to me, high capacity is nice but not a must for paper killing. The breakage you described easy to fix? Costly? or pitch gun?
  5. Here's a quote: STI Trojan in 9mm, about $920 from dawson Precision. Thanks. I really wasn't specific... I & my gunsmith was talking more like the $2300 model without the compensator. But you helped in another way I now have an idea of what is meant by 2011.
  6. Are any built like the 1911 with a direct connected trigger? Are 1911's the only guns used in competitions (not cowboy action of course)? Does anyone win without a 1911? I see a pricey S&W is far cheaper than a built 1911 in 9mm. The cheapest quote I ever got was $1800.
  7. I am keeping the CZ models on the burner for a while I just have no place around here to look & hold one especially not a match or target version. I live in an area of hunters and "blow out ammo" guys. Not many real target shooters other than shotgun. I destroy my targets so a couple "competitors" I know will never see them and get discouraged. Shooting is a God given privilege of good health. And just good clean fun. And about 10,000 rounds a year for me in relaxation. I have shot many custom & Kimber 1911's in 45 ACP. 45 ACP just doesn't do anything for me. The gun is ok. I have an Automag so the 1911 seems to be a downgrade (not really, just feels that way with a short barrel and no flame.) I could get my fathers off my brother to shoot if I really wanted it. It is about a $3000 gun by today's standards. Sig 225??? Didn't see one on their web site. Sig 226 single stack (X5) is out for sure. 9mm has snap. The 30 carbine load as 32/20 and 38 special target have nothing. 357 or 30 carbine rifle in pistol is flame and thrill. 44 mag is too much. No stinking way on 454, 460 or 500, or 50 BMG either.
  8. Excellent (aka similar to what my 30 carbine Ruger & 686 do.) Yes. No competition. Shooting is fun, relaxation or once in while thrilling. Not much into pain other than 30-06. My calibers are 30 carbine, 380 / 9mm, 38 special & 357. Absolutely.
  9. I've no idea what is meant by an "ammo grinder" but, whether it cost them money or not, that kind of generic statement is just plain stupid. Some strongly held biases are based on limited experience and a stubborn resistance to being convinced by mere facts and copious evidence. /Bryan Will not eject properly, will not seat properly, jams constantly, dirtier - the worst it gets. Is that better? aka "ammo grinder" sorry you never heard that expression. 1911 is a low pressure gun! It was designed as a low pressure gun. It ejects and lines up low pressure ammo well. All the rest gets chewed up and once in a while even spit out properly. High pressure guns are ramped differently. For every person who claims to have a good 9mm 1911 I have heard 10 horror stories. The only 2 gunsmiths I ever met I liked and trusted said "Don't buy one!!" Both sell custom match grade 1911's in 45 ACP. I had 2 gunsmiths (one in mentioned in this thread) say buy a Hi Power if you want 9mm that is why I started this tread to find out some fruitful opinions not sarcasm. For you all who want to live and die with a 1911 45 in your hand that fine with me. I don't; I won't. By the way I am not biased, I have my opinions and know what I like, sorry if you don't like that. If there is no such thing as a good target pistol in the world but a 1911 then I will hang up my semi-autos and shoot revolvers and high power rifle.
  10. I just bought a S&W Model 52. Yet to get it here or play with one. I would like to stay 9mm. I have 10,000 brass, 10,000 bullets, all the Dillon stuff. Every powder worth owning for 9mm. 40k small pistol primers. 45 just doesn't do anything for me and I have shot some of the best. I have no way to rent a gun in 40 S&W in my area to see if that is an option or not. But I am talking $500 to get another caliber by the time it is over and done. Unless I load 38 +P, I have nothing to give a general idea of 40 and then not in semi-auto. I don't load +P anyway. I like target wadcutters or 13.8 grains 2400 JHP .357. One is relaxing, one if flame throwing fun. For everyone who said they have a good 9mm 1911. I have heard 10 horror stories. 2 gunsmiths told me don't!! Which by the way actually cost them money to say that. 1911 also will not do the other calibers I know I would like well either 357 sig 10mm or 40 corbon. So far these are all the possible models to consider once the 1911 is out of the picture. Browning HP or clone (looking slim) $200-$700 CZ 75 TS $1050 S&W 952 $1500 but I would have to have long slide $1700 EAA Gold $500 EAA Match $1600 (I might have these backwards on price.) Anyone have other considerations? Make & Model with a single action only trigger? Do any of the above have direct connect mechanism like the 1911's or a revolver? P226 X5 is out! It is just a double action trigger with no cocking. I could not believe the slop. (Something I heard of which sounded really good was a 1911 that used 38/45?? a wildcat cartridge. Necked down 45ACP with 38 SWC lead bullets. But I have never seen one and don't know if anybody could build one or not from existing hardware.) Thanks everyone.
  11. I have 2 separate gunsmith who told me flat out don't ever thing about 9mm in 1911 unless I want an ammo grinder. My father's 1911 could not do 9mm or 40 corbon or 10 mm, problem after problem but it could shoot 40 & 45 all day long. (His gun by today's standard is in the $3000 custom range.) It looks like forget the Browning or clone from all that you all have said.
  12. At the advise of a gunsmith I contacted Novak's originally and instantly pitched him. They said 4lbs. or so. (As in Parkersburg WV. unless there are two of them?)
  13. I already have basically 3lbs in my Beretta. I need much lower. My 686 had a 3.3 lb trigger nice and crisp and I did many 2" patterns. After a drop to 1.5lb lots of 1" patterns.
  14. Thanks. I will pass this along to my gunsmith to check out.
  15. First off, I don't compete, never will. I don't like shooting 45 ACP and I have shot some of the best 1911's ever made. What I am after is a target pistol in 9mm to kill paper for personal enjoyment and relaxation. I have a Beretta 92 with a trigger job of about 1.25 lbs. of slop and 3 pounds after that to pull the trigger. I want better!!!! (My revolvers are in the less that 2 lb. range and crisp.) I have seen many people shoot Brownings or clones in competitions. Disabling the mag. safety cuts about 3lbs off a Browning. (And yes, some will have a problem with that, don't care, I always check my gun twice before pulling the trigger.) Has anyone out there cut down the rest of the trigger assemble? What was your final result? If I can't get a lot better than what I have in my Beretta, why spend money? Thanks
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