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  1. Double brain surgery while on vacation will keep me away from matches for a while
  2. Different Century, different guns, different ideas ... nothing good or bad about it ... just different .... you don't see today many Standards or poppers at 50 yards or fences that you can jump!!
  3. Haven't watch the full video but Frank Garcia is there, I think Jethro Dionisio too. I have a vague recollection of being at that match too.
  4. Yes, mostly Open Loop, they can be upgraded to Close Loop but usually they are too expensive as an upgrade. You can always add feedback via Chinese glass scales and something like Calipe2PC, but having half a thousand resolution on the stepper is good enough for me for non-commercial applications, I can afford to miss one step or two without affecting anything (too badly)
  5. What he said ... Buy once, cry once. Pmdx works good also if you want to go the Linux CNC route instead of Mach3
  6. It took me two weekends to rip everything apart, find the wires and install the new stuff. I went the VFD route and I plug it to a PMDX-107 speed control ... works fairly nicely. remember it is a LARGE spindle motor buy a bigger VFD than required.
  7. I am using PMDX-126 breakout board (and other PMDX goodies) and Warp9 smooth stepper. Mach 3 is the software I use. I did reuse the steppers that came with my mill and added Gecko drivers (G203v's at 80 Volts) I haven't seen the need to change the steppers, they are really fast and precise. I recommend you to stay away from Chinese eBay stuff ... buy once, cry once.
  8. If you come by Las Vegas I can show you what I did with my Bridgeport Boss II, all 21st Century electronics!! and 500 pounds lighter after all the 'old' stuff got removed
  9. Components as in reloading components? If so Extreme Ventures in Henderson has the better selection on primers, bullets, powder and Dillon parts (given the usual shortage of course) in the valley. The usual big-box stores (Bass Pro, Cabelas, etc) have some stuff to from time to time
  10. New Frontier Armory in the North side of town (North Las Vegas) has quite a variety of weapons and they are quite nice people. I use Extreme Ventures in Henderson for my transfers (FFL and privates). Remember most of the Gun Stores in Las Vegas are 'oriented' to separate tourists from their money (specially if they are around/near the Strip)
  11. I load 300 at a time, I put the clean, unprimed brass in the factory 50 round holders stamps to the top, so I can verify that all are the same (38 SuperComp), got the brush from the Dykem bottle a bit wet and brush 25 at a time, repeat until all have a nice red coat on the stamp. Let them dry for a couple of hours (I know not needed for that long) and dump on the brass thingy on the 650. When bullets are loaded I put th back on the 50 factory holders yo make sure all primers are there and there is not any 'obvious blemish' before putting the bullets in the 100 round cases. Probably not the fastest way but allows me to double check the brass before and after reload. Easy to pick at the range too. Been doing that for a few years with no issues.
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