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  1. It goes on and on. There were a few junior shooters there that they didn't even mention.Bad form and young hurt feelings. No high overall. I'm not sure why. Ok who's the winner? We aren't doing that. Why? We're just doing Open ,Limited,Production and rimfire? 54 shooters at 75.00 is $ 4050.00 not to mention paying 25.00 with your entry for a golf shirt that never got ordered. No class awards ? Why ? The match flier says USPSA class awards for classes with 3 or more shooters. Were not doing that. Why? I have the fastest times. Overall Open Master Well overall the .22 shooters have 2 faster times.How can you compair drawing 60 times in the match to guys shooting .22s from the high ready? We'll give you the high open. Thanks Not enough shooters for Master class open . Look at the score sheet I count 3 . Look we'll mail you high open. If you don't like whats going on please feel free to fill the back of your match book and mail it in .
  2. What would you guys do if this happened to you? You and another shooter travel 8 hours one way to the match. You go out to the range to make sure of its location and see whats going on. Nobody will even make eye contact with you. First red flag. No big deal check in the hotel and take a shower hoping that was the problem. You go check in the hospitality room to get your squading and 25.00 shirt. No shirts were made for the match but we have some left overs from last year. Ugly green but the new shooter thinks its hot so what the hell its for a good cause. Second red flag. You get to the match go to the shooters meeting and get told that were going to try to shoot the whole match and shoot off in one day. Cool but why? Third red flag. New shooter's gun breaks on the stage. Everyone is great and trys to get him to shoot their back up. New shooter believe it or not is happy the pressure is off. New shooter starts helping with scoring and over hears a discussion about no plagues or prize table.Fourth red flag. I tell him there is no way they can do that. They advertised the match as one with a prize table. I check the paperwork there it is awards and PRIZE TABLE. Plus there're shooters from Fla,Ar, Ok,Tenn, Canada ect,ect. Match goes well . I have the fastest time and win. We ask about the awards and get told the stuff is here.We wait another 2 hours. Cars are leaving.Red flag. Match director comes out and says we hope you don't mind but were keeping the prizes for the fall classic .I hope you don't mind. By the way we have no plaques either we'll mail them to you. Thanks for your support of COPS WTF????

    Revo pics

    Were did you get the cool grips on the 38 super? Very nice
  4. Randy Lee do you build complete revolver? I want to get started. Thanks Carl
  5. We held 2 years worth of monthly matches here in Ada ,Ok. We had several USPSA shooters show up to a match or two never to return. We made sure everyone won something.We changed the days from Sat. to Sunday. I listened to the shooters and tried to make them happy. We went from 20 shooters to 10 to about 5. I have a good friend thats a Master USPSA shooter that shoots all the matches in Ok. I asked him what the problem was . Answer: Not enough rounds shot, Very hard match! IE. small 10 ring to much shooting at 50 yards. Ect,ECT, ECT. These were USPSA,Grandmasters and Masters. Bottom line turned out to be they could not win so they quit. The funny thing was these big time shooters had their little groups that followed them to the matches and they were doing pretty well. But when they were told that Action Pistol wouldn't help their USPSA shooting they quit. The IDPA guys were even there,but shots at 50 and 25 yards aren't very tactical so they quit. So now we shoot steel. They all seem to like steel. Well some like steel but at least they show up.
  6. I talked to Action Target about a portable mover and was told 1400.00 They had a sale in April for 1000.00


    So whats the new rule changes? No wings or mover scopes? I'm so lost!!!!
  8. I shot a Steel Challenge match this weekend .The director was trying to find out if you fire more than one shot at the stop plate which one to count. For the past year your score was the amount of time for the shots fired. All shots fired. We looked at the rule book and it doesn't address this issue. The problem was this wasn't brought up until after the match. 1 squad shot it counting all shots fired .The other squad which was the match director's squad counted the 1st shot hitting the stop plate. He told me that someone in the squad had told him it was the correct way of scoring. The weird thing was the people that usually win didn't. All of them were in the squad that counted every shot fired. Does anyone know the right way ? Is it in the rule book? Why would it make a such a differance in scoring ? The winners are all about .88 sec. apart down to about 3rd place. Thanks
  9. Has anyone seen or used this new timer? I looks very cool.
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