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  1. Wow great answers guys!! The masters might not be happy but I'll stick to shooting the As as fast as I can. Thanks
  2. Ok, I was listening to two Master class shooters talk about how to shooting field courses and short courses, one thinks on the short courses shoot all points don't worry about time. The other said the exact opposite. Go as fast as possible hits anywere are ok. The both had opposite opinions on field courses. One is for all the points you can get and the other go fast as you can . The things is how opposite they were. What do you guys think? Thanks
  3. Thanks I've already swapped it. I had one in the parts box from 30 years ago.
  4. If its deemed illegal its getting cut. Great plan!! Thanks
  5. Is the Caspian rear sight that looks like a diamond legal for SS division. It has a post and a notch . But I'd hate to get DQed over something that simple. Thanks
  6. Kito-Ryu JuJitsu 6th Dan Okinawan Kenpo 7th Dan United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame induction 2002 and 2006 Still learning every day.
  7. As far as the Navy goes I shot bullseye on the team in the 70's,80's and 90's always on my own dime.We received some TZZ match hardball,wad and Eley 22 if we went to the interservice or Camp Perry. As far as travel pay good luck. The time was always annual leave.
  8. Ok I used the search function and found very little. My question is what are the open modified rules? Can I have a mover scope? Can I rest my knuckles on the barricade? Whats really allowed? Do I have to shoot left handed on the left side of the barricade and right handed on the right side of the barricade like ppc or the NRA combat match? Thanks
  9. Nothing wrong with deactivating grip safety as long as the thumb safety still works. There are no new rules dealing with grip safeties. Hmmm. I'm at the OK Sectional this weekend. I'll be starting on bay 2 tomorrow. My grip safety doesn't work. It doesn't even move anymore. It's the only red gun there. Come 'n git it! Thanks guys..
  10. Yes ,I used the search function.But I still have a question. I was at the Oklahoma sectional today and was told by a competitor that pinning the grip safety was a violation of the new rules. Is this true? The nationals are coming up and I would hate to be sent home. Thanks
  11. The real military amusement park was Jolo's in the PI from 1970 to about 1982. Wow!!!!
  12. Silver Star and Bronze Star
  13. It took a bit of shooting to get this plate
  14. I came from a bullseye/NRA action background. The shooting part wasn't the problem. It was the rules and the people. In NRA shooting the rules are cut and dried. In USPSA at the local level its the "they didn't say we couldn't rule" . Really look out if you win. Take all this with a grain of salt. Just go shoot and have fun. You will see people do things and act like 10 year old kids. Just blow it off and shoot . Don't let the clowns run you off. There was a discussion at the handgunner this year in the GM/M squad about the little clicks in USPSA . They are there. But don't worry about it.If the club you shoot at are a bunch of dicks don't shoot there. The cool thing about USPSA is its everywere. I made the switch in 2001 after 20years of bullseye and 3 years of NRA action.I just could not handle the USPSA crap at the local level.So I just started shooting steel. I was lucky enough to shoot with some great people at some big matches that enlightened me and I'll be shooting my 1st USPSA match in 2 years next weekend . The thing that kills me is we all have a like interest so you would think we would all welcome new shooters from any background.
  15. I just got off the phone from EAA they have none in stock and will not receive any until Oct. 2006 DOOOHH Is that the 07 V12 they will not have available untill October? They have nothing in stock. No v8s or 12. The lady I talked to didn't even know there was a v12 model.
  16. It is major around 168 PF ....... The one I have is V8 ported .......... The V12 is the 07 model . It is major around 168 PF ....... The one I have is V8 ported .......... The V12 is the 07 model . Were can I get one!!!! I just got off the phone from EAA they have none in stock and will not receive any until Oct. 2006 DOOOHH
  17. It is major around 168 PF ....... The one I have is V8 ported .......... The V12 is the 07 model . It is major around 168 PF ....... The one I have is V8 ported .......... The V12 is the 07 model . Were can I get one!!!!
  18. I guess I'm behind here. Has the trigger pull weight been changed? If so whats the weight now? Thanks
  19. Well I'm, glad all is well. As far as the some of the private e-mails I've received . Well if you sent one you got a responce. I'm glad its taken care of. Its to bad it took 2 months to get a reply from the match director and I had to raise a stink on this web sight to do it.
  20. Hey azone 41! Primary mos 22 years active duty. Retirement sucks!!! Secondary 8492,7801 ect,ect. If you know you know if you don't well I couldn't even explain it. But i've got the strange feeling you know. EOD was the best gig on the planet!
  21. Well I have a cancled check here for 165.00 from Cops so thats what I went by.I shoot several National and State championship matches so if i was wrong on the price .I'll send you 20.00 smuck bucks for your trouble. But I did get a responce from the match director that has not responded to any of my polite e-mails. As far as logging it would have been a 1.5 day match but we stayed for the prize table and had to stay a extra night for nothing. That would not have been bad except for asking the match staff if the awards and prize table was going to happen at 1030 that morning .We were told that yes everything is fine so we stayed .There is another night with meals and another day from work. But your all correct its over a done deal. But actions speak louder than words.
  22. I think adding all those upgrades before taking care of their fubar shows a total disregard to the shooters. I really do not care how they spend the money they took in from the match. To keep bringing up that its a"great club" and what upgrades they have made to the range is just wrong! I also received a letter with 20 Cops bucks to be used for any local match fee. How many of the out of state shooters are going to drive 11 hours and spend over 1000.00 in hotel bills, gas,ammo and time off work and entry fees for 20.00 off an entry fee? I also really loved the part in the letter that stated that they spent 500.00 for someone to call and write vendors for the prizes. Get your money back. But if you do the math 55 paid entries at 165.00 a piece is 9075.00 subtract 500.00 is 8575.00 so we can't buy awards with that . I think the way this whole thing has been handled just shows what a bunch of clowns are running the club. New flash its not getting any better!
  23. Has anyone received their awards from this match? Thanks
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