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  1. For local matches here in Oklahoma were lucky if we see match results in less than a week much less any prizes.Most matches including USSA give nothing.
  2. Wow those are great groups. I have a couple of S&J custom glock 17s and both have this 1 round flyer thing going on. Do you have problems with that? Thanks Is it the first round fired in the group? Most of the time but not always. It doesn't matter if its factory or reloads . Thanks
  3. Wow those are great groups. I have a couple of S&J custom glock 17s and both have this 1 round flyer thing going on. Do you have problems with that? Thanks
  4. I sent one to Henning several months ago. He has never payed me for it so I guess he still has it.
  5. With the rising cost of bullets which brand and type are you shooting at the cup? Thanks
  6. The comp has been opened to Hennings specs. The gun ran fine with everything I fed it. He wanted the heavy spring in the gun. The mags were put together by Henning with all gram parts. The gun shoots 1.5 at 50 yards with MG 121 and zero 125jhp and 7.2 7625. The gun had ambis on it installed by Henning. He wanted the big single side on. The slide racker that came with gun was taken off. I had to buy another one from Henning before I shipped the gun. Henning had this gun for a couple of months. Everything in or on this gun Henning installed. There is nothing wrong with the gun. I would check my loads.
  7. Wow is that right? My mind happens to be in the process of making a informed decision on reloading costs in todays market. If I can find a way to shoot more the same or less money why not? Always question, always try new things. Seek and ye shall find, Free your mind and your ass will follow. ect,ect.ect
  8. Mines about the same. Around 100.00 for pratice ammo . 140- 150 for match ammo loaded with MG 121 or zero 125. Thanks
  9. As the title states how much are you spending on reloading 1000 rounds ? Thanks
  10. I for one think its great. I'm tired of Piru. Its 18 hours one way. I think a match located in the middle of the US would draw several new and old shooter alike. The real facts are its a done deal so lets make the best of it.
  11. Wow John, I just don't know what to say. I hope the boys are ok. Stay strong Carl
  12. I can some up the problem with one word. Money. The reason the Steel Challenge went crazy was prize money. $30,000.00 to break 80 seconds. The prize table is 2nd to none. The match is really pretty easy to set up and cheap for a club to invest in. Plus people like to shoot steel. Even if they don't have blinding speed. I ran a action pistol match at our club for 4 years. Then the new rules, NRA fee's went up and now the prices of fuel,bullets,primers ect,ect,ect. are just out of control. Pistol shooting is becoming a rich mans sport. Don't get me wrong I love it. But I'm afraid that its going to get alot worse. Carl
  13. Henning whats the price on the new gold team. I'm interested. Thanks carl
  14. Thats not the point . I think that everyone should do a little combat time. Yes including you Roy. I also know some IPSC National Champions that I wouldn't let in my house much less hire. Dude get a grip. Its just pistol shooting.
  15. Thats not the point . I think that everyone should do a little combat time. Yes including you Roy.
  16. The Army just got the jump on the other branches of the service...I don't remember anyone crying foul when Lones Wigger was winning all those Olympic and World championship medals.. Same deal here.. As for the guys shooting for the AMU, they better think about making the service a career...caue they won't have any marketable skills when they get finished with their tour..unless they then go back to school.. I shot on the All Navy Pistol team in the late 80's and early 90's. We only saw each other at the Fleet matches, Interservice and Camp Perry. We received no funding and were lucky if we didn't have to take leave to participate. We were given some Eley 10X rimfire ammo and some TZZ ball and wadcutter ammo. If we won any big matches we were issued a Navy Trophy Award rifle. No prize money . Something about being on the tax payer's dime. The USMC guys stay on the team for a few years maybe 2 or 3 but then they had to go to the fleet . We even payed our own entry fee's at times.. Most shooter's stayed until they received their Distinguished badge . But then somebody would so their a## and we would have to deploy again. After 20 plus years of service 9 years 11 months and 22 days deployed . It was a adventure. I don't think anybody but the Army is looking for USPSA shooters. There is a real war going on . I have no problem with the kids shooting for the Army. What I do have a problem with is each and everyone of them not doing at least one year in a combat zone. Why should those kids be treated any different than my kid thats on his third tour? A pouge is a pouge. In the rear with the gear. I don't care if its shooting or golf or volleyball. Everyone should get some of the wondering whats going on at home or the big " Will I die today" I'll end with Freedom is not free and add some pay more than others. Flame on you Pouges!!!
  17. It was brought to Paul's attention. He chose to do nothing . I received the mind your own bussiness look, so i did so.
  18. Kevin Is that the steel gun you showed me at the USSA match ? If so you told me it need a new home. Are you still interested in selling it. If so please let me know. Thanks Carl Frazier
  19. Thanks for letting me vent. I've worked out a plan for the kids. Not my problem or my business. I'm here to shoot and have fun. Thanks again
  20. Ok here we go again. I'm at the Handgunner with the wife and kids. I'm talking to the gang, Fedex drops off some shipped ammo. Its for one of the big GM shooters. The problem starts when it turns out to hollow point ammo. This type is not allowed at the match . Its written in big black letters and underlined in the match booklet. The question is do you bitch about it or stay out of it? Its a problem because the wife was there and heard the whole thing . The kids want to set steel for tips. She wants me to throw a fit because she's not going to let the kids set steel if they let this guy or guys use this ammo. I really like shooting this match and really don't want to start a s---t storm. But why do these guys think they are above the rules? I've shot with these guys before they are nice guys . But I've been told they used this ammo before and nobody bitched so its ok. Why can't the big dogs follow the rules like rest of us. So now I've spent a bunch of money ,the wife is pissed, the kids are pissed, I really don't care what bullet they shoot..But I'm the guy feeling the heat for whole thing and I'm just so sick of it. The damn match hasn't even started yet. Why can't we all follow the rules????
  21. I shot a SJC custom in the AASA Nationals this past weekend and it was just crazy fast out of the holster. It shot in the rain,heat and in the shoot offs I shot over 400 rounds in 3 hours. In the rain no less. I had the gun for 2 weeks it won the Challenge and the shootoffs. They are the great product. I took 2 tenths off my 1st shot on steel from surrender, The gun is 9 oz's light than my STI.
  22. Thats a great idea!!!. Have them go 1st everytime they split. They were alway the last to shoot. Cool now I have a recourse. Thanks
  23. No they're the other two that stayed and helped. Both are very good shooters and play well with others.
  24. Ok I've got a new question for you guys. Now I'm not trying to start anything so don't flame me. At a resent match most of my squad would take off after they shot . It sucked because 3 of us got stuck scoring and ROing . When I asked the guys what was going on I was told that they were going down to other stages and getting the dope on how to shoot them by watching and talking to the other squads that had already shot the stage.My question is should I be doing it too?I was told that they read it in Saul's book . I'm very confused. I was told to clean and reload my mags then lend a hand with the taping and ROing. What do you think? Thanks
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