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  1. Are the stages going to be posted? Is it only one division per shooter ? Are there any other new rules we need to know about? Thanks
  2. Right on Rick , you have put me in my place
  3. Wow were do you guys live? Most skill trade people in Oklahoma don't make 28.64 a hour.
  4. I'd like one too please Thanks Carl
  5. I'll take the upper.



  6. Does anyone out there have a barricade mount for a large frame pistol for sale? Thanks Carl
  7. Well I'll ask the question. Were and when can we get them? Thanks Carl
  8. Do you build for others?


  9. Wow who does your work? I love the shorty.

  10. What is the cost and who do I contact. For the shroud ? It looks sweet. Thanks Carl
  11. Any word on the lefty model yet? Thanks Carl
  12. I tried the grams followers and henning pads. They do not work. The spacer only runs 3/4 down the tube. Why they didn't run it all the way down I'll never know.
  13. I received 3 mags from Henning today with no mod they held 15 rounds and performed perfect.With Henning pads and the stock follower and spring they held 18 rounds and ran fine. I used a V8 Gold team and fired 100 rounds out of each mag. I think they have fixed the problem. Thanks Henning Carl
  14. Great thanks,oh by the way the new trigger is very cool. I had to do a little fitting on the gun but I didn't have to touch the trigger itself. Thanks again Carl
  15. Great thanks,oh by the way the new trigger is very cool. I had to do a little fitting on the gun but I didn't have to touch the trigger itself. Thanks again Carl
  16. Thanks guys. Henning when do you expect the new ones? Thanks Carl
  17. I'm working on a project . Does anyone have a old gold team large frame threaded barrel in 9x21 or 38 super? Thanks Carl
  18. I don't mean to be the devil here but, being one of those gm/m/a shooters I try to be nice, but when you the only one ROing ,then tapping ,then keeping score it gets to be a very long day. The last match we had 80 plus with 20 being new shooters and squads of 15 shooters plus walk ins. I can can tell you it sucks . The same safety problems over and over. But if I DQ them I'm a dick? But if they shoot someone I'm at fault?Then the caring helping people are busy training new shooters instead of setting steel and taping. Then they can't help because they forgot to load mags after shooting the last stage. This effects my shooting and not in a good way. The last match I just sat down after 4 hours of being RO/ score keeper. Guess what nobody stepped up. Because they're not a RO. But they have time to video each other. Not to mention telling me move because I'm in their way . I'm the RO you move! Then the new shooters are wanting to waste more time looking for that perfect double. Breaking out the rule book over nothing. A match that you could shoot in a total of 4 hours takes 6 hours then a 2 hour ride home. But I'm my own worst enemy. What will happen when the 50 year old guys like me have had enough. We will stop. There are way to many shooters out there that just think of ME ME ME! I use to love to be on the range. I've been involved in the shooting sports since 1978. There are times when I just hate going to local matches. Also another little point is paying your dues. Yep guess what you should be taping and setting steel. A lot of us have payed them. So sometimes I just want to shoot and not be bothered as I'm stepping in the box for my turn shoot. THERE IS NO RANGE ETIQUETTE ANYMORE!! Take a class, pay an instructor but its YOUR responsibilty to know the rules and act in a safe manner. Here is the kicker I payed my match fee to shoot . Not ro/score/ or pat your butt and tell you how great your doing. But if I don't jump up to help you I'm my own worst enemy. As far as firearms go at least learn how to load and unload it without sweeping yourself or breaking the 180 when doing so. After that shoot what you like.
  19. Did they do away with the modified division? Thanks


    What do you think about having your classifications and every major win you have written on the bottom of every post?
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