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  1. I've had 2 of them for a few years now. My biggest complaint is the need to position the eye almost perfectly for fast shots. The ( eye box ) as one guy put it is pretty tight. I havent been able to shoot at all lately due to work, but when I did practice it wasnt too bad because I dry fired alot. Muscle memory helps out with that issue. Having said all that, I also have an MTAC. And I like it better.A little shorter and lighter. And I believe about $100 more.
  2. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Work and the Holidays are kicking my butt. 4.6 R/S Comp Bear Crek 200 gr. swc Wolf LPP Mixed cases 5" with Clark barrel Averaging 169 P/F Oh, 1.250 OAL Hope this helps.
  3. duncan


    At least 25 lbs of 231 over the last 25 year. Never a problem at all. It is the most consistent I've ever used.
  4. Been using 4.6 grains for the last few years, with Bear Creek 200's. I like it alot. Not much smoke at all. It is reverse temp. sensative tho.
  5. I like 2-2.5 on my LTD and SS guns. Tried lighter but I lost the feel I like when certain shots are required. I did get some trigger freeze also when they were at 1.5#
  6. This seems to be one of the areas that Tactical and Practical dont coincide. Just like I would like a 12.5" AR inside a house or building for various reasons. I would like a 16-20" AR outside. Different uses for different guns. Not everything thats good for doorkicking is going to be the cats ass for competition. And visa-versa.
  7. Great match. Thanx to everyone involved. This is probably the best match I've attended. Had a blast. As did everyone on my squad. Again thanx to everyone !!!
  8. Looks like you need another holster. Try an Uncle Mikes if they have one. If you still want to use the same carry holster, stick with IDPA. If this is the case with an FBI cant, I think we have gone too far with the, it's a game theory. We do have guys who come out and shoot with their carry equipment. Not shoulder rigs, but FBI cant for sure. If we tell them (no) you cant use that holster, they wont be back. And if not mistaken, wasnt that was Production div. was for. So people could do that .
  9. If you're going to run a red dot with it, why not a 3x9 ? Look at the Luepold AR scopes.
  10. United Sportsmans Club. I think is the name of it. They hold shoots twice amonth. One on a Sat. And one small one during the week after 5:30 I believe. Try the USPSA web sight and check on it. I shoot there whenever I can, and have friends that shoot there. Rolla also has one along with Columbia and Higginsville (my home club )
  11. It's used to relieve stress areas in the metal. Alot of people using it for it to be snake oil.
  12. I had 2 Bomars go tits up on me last year. Both were the front pins breaking. One was my backup gun the week before the state match. The other was my primary gun during the state match. I put a new pin in my backup gun. Switched to a fixed rear on my primary. I've had Adj. sight break before on me but never that close. Murphy was alive and well. the Bomars both had many rounds thru them tho. Carry gun=Novaks/fixed. I still like adj. for competition guns. Havent had the chance to really try out the fixed Harrison Designs I put on My primary SS yet. No pins to break and walk out tho.
  13. The 16" guns I have do fine with 335. I get some pretty sporty velocities with it when I need them.
  14. I tried Clays for awhile. It doesnt meter well thru my press. I was getting horrible extreme spread. Plus I had to go to 4.2 grs. to make PF. I have a slow barrel. Some of the Clays loads would drop below PF. Dont want that at a big match. It would be my luck that the 3 they grabbed would be low. TG worked well, just smoked like a train. I use RS Comp now. But I have to be careful of the temp. It is low on smoke and recoil. And is cheap. I also use 231 for 9/40 and 45. just a great all around powder.
  15. I tore my rotator cuff in half. So I know how you feel. Everything except a gas gun hurts like hell. I use an 11-87. And it isnt too bad at all. Never shot a Winchester, so I cant say. But a Benelli kills me.
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