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  1. I had to trim down the front blade on my 3" 625 so I could shoot some lighter lead bullets that I cast. Some day I will just replace it with the proper height blade. Neal in AZ
  2. I had Wayne berquist in FL build me this .38S Caspian back in 1995. I shot a few matches and then stopped competing. I started back up competing last year but in limited. The gun has barely been broken in sad to say. I am planning on shooting it again to get classified in open at some point in time. Neal in AZ
  3. Brian, The problem with using the large plate for 9mm sized cases is that there is more room between the outside circumfrence of the plate and the wall of the casefeeder. Depending on where you have the little clearing block positioned you can have problems. What happens is there is enough room to let another case get down in between the feed plate and the wall. Basically two cases can squeeze into one slot and when they get to the clearing block they can get by and then the feed plate will jam and the motor will be stopped. I am reminded of this everytime I forget to change the
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