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  1. I dropped one of these in my PSA 9mm and it is working great, just need to mess with the load a bit. I found that with mine I can pull back on the charging handle and just get the bolt back far enough to engage the bolt hold open. Not easy to do quickly and with lots more pressure on the bolt hold open than normal I don't plan on doing it much but was surprised when I could actually do it. Probably one of those things that is gun specific depending on the parts used.
  2. I use it for my 9mm major loads in open and tried some of it to load regular 9mm loads. 4.8 of it behind a 124 CMJ was a nice shooting load in my G17L and a few other 9mm's I tried it in.
  3. Try it and see is all you can do. I like the single/flat CMC triggers and dropped one into my PSA PCC and it didn't work, wouldn't reset.
  4. This looks like it has the same type of camera: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NH0DA26/ref=sspa_dk_detail_1?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B01NH0DA26&pd_rd_wg=n8mi6&pd_rd_r=JDVENF4FJ9VQTJF9AJ4E&pd_rd_w=cOIlR
  5. I always tray up (with plastic 50 rd trays that federal ammo uses) any bullets I use to check for any issues. Not only can you check for problems you can also see when you might have a bullet of a different weight because they are taller or shorter than all the others. I do the same with brass to make sure they are good and there isn't anything inside them or an odd case got mixed in. I also load by trays of primers so I know if something went wrong when I end up with an odd bullet case or primer out.
  6. I have to pop up and say thanks for this post. I have been having some issues with my 22/45 MKIII with a certain batch of ammo. It seems to be slightly underpowdered and thought about springs like I would with my centerfire guns but didn't know these existed. I know the answer is to change ammo but I have quite a bit of it and figured if I could get a lighter spring I might be able to get it to work. So now that I know this exists I have some options.
  7. Here you go, the pic below is the scan of the Hornady 9mm data showing WST data.
  8. Shot a local match once and the last few shots on one of the stages were through a smaller diameter piece of plastic drain pipe at a target with a chrono on the other end of the pipe. So after the stage was complete the shooter could see what his velocities were. It was just a courtesy thing and it didn't affect the match and since it was part of the stage it didn't add much time. Yes there were some surprised/embarrassed people swearing up and down their loads were good.
  9. I had the same issues and found it was the primer chute sticking in the open position and not closing to catch the primer each time to deliver it to the cup. I replaced the cotter pin with a piece of paper clip and then stuck a small round magnet on the moving part of the chute (the back side) and that provided enough weigh to make sure it closes every time to catch the spent primer.
  10. Nice! I love my CNC lower .45 ACP AR. see post #9
  11. During the holidays there was a "flash" sale on Amazon and I got my FART for $108. Stumbled on it with 15 minuets left ion the sale (one hour I think) and snagged one.
  12. AR15 in .45 ACP, lower is a dedicated lower that uses unaltered grease gun mags for 30 rds of .45 acp.
  13. Went out with my new 929 and brought out a few others: Top: "Mod of 1988" 5" 625 .45 ACP Mid: New 929 9mm Bottom: 627 first gen
  14. Yep, same frame sold by Safari Arms because of the hook on the front of the trigger guard and the raised pad of checkering on the front strap. I built a consecutive serial # pair of them back in the 80's and that frame is the same thing I used but it was marked Safari Arms. Neal in AZ
  15. Interesting, I have had a Bill Davis Grade V built on a old 4 screw mod 14 with that sight for over 20 years and never had that happen? Would it tend to drop back into the lower yardage settings from the higher ones or didn't it matter? Neal in AZ
  16. What do you think I am saving mine for. I have my third BT set on the way, .458 for making bullets for my .458 SOCOM out of .45 ACP cases. Neal in AZ
  17. I used to shoot the 200 M rams regularly with my 1911 at my old range when I was growing up. My current range has lots of steel out to 600m and I shoot my handguns at the steel out to 150-200. My scoped handguns put me out to 400m One day I was shooting a buddy's .223 T/C Contender pistol (12" hunter barrel) with a pistol scope and I was able to hit the 500m steel regularly as the wind was decent that day. The target was a 15" chunk of welding tank stuck on a post. Down here in SE AZ there are very few days when the wind isn't a big factor. Neal in AZ
  18. LeRoy, While what you saw was probably a one off, I remember when the C-more first came out someone made a molded plastic tube that snapped on the sight. It was funny because the comment in the magazine was "they make a tubeless heads up sight (pretty cool and innovative at the time) and the first thing someone does is makes a tube for it." Neal in AZ
  19. Mats, That is one AWESOME open gun. Now you won't have to shoot your limited gun in open any more. Enjoy! Neal in AZ
  20. not sure if the first reply got out... I use both. Incandescent with RV bulbs when commercial poweris not available and display case bulbs when it is. I use the IR's whenever possible for 2 reasons: It 's the best possible light source and the sponsor supplies them. Chronoman Thanks for the followup. It looked at first like you didn't use/like the IR stuff and I thought that would be the most stable medium to use which you confirm. I have the IR system but haven't used it yet, I wonder if there is any difference between the two? Neal in AZ
  21. so you use incandescent with the CED? Why not the IR screen system? Neal in AZ
  22. Very cool, I just got an order in from them yesterday to complete my AR45 lower. And to add to the joy, the new catalog came also, yes it is that time of year. Neal in AZ
  23. Have you never seen an Autorim case? Rim is waaaaay thicker than any other brass. It won't fit. The 3 on the right are Autorim. Most people have never even heard of the AR let alone seen one. I see all the time where people think it is just shortened .45 Colt and ask if they can fire the AR in a .45 Colt revo. I have been loading for it for 20 years and whiel I tend to shoot more autoACP cases in my revos, I do like the AR cases for the heavy bullets like Wide45 does. I use those with some old Speer load book data and my 625 is a decent thumper. Neal in AZ
  24. I guess I will update a post I made a few years back. I posted my Caspian open gun even though I have never shot open, I got it in 1995, built just the way I wanted by Wayne Berquist in FL, and made it all silver and gray. I shot it in two matches and then I stopped shooting. In 2005 I was thinking about starting back up in USPSA and the wife buys me an Edge for my birthday so I had to start shooting USPSA again. I have been shooting limited for the past few years and picked up a few more iron sighted STI's so now I am so used to them. I have been thinking about Open but going back to
  25. I added mine to AZ, it's just me and Brian. There are a few people out in the water by the looks of it. Neal in AZ
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