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  1. Yup, I replaced both of mine with the standard spacer and everything works great.
  2. I recently tried ACME coming from Blues myself. I got a case of the 145 9mm's and just got a case of 180 40's. Both of the different bullets were well coated and I have had no issues with them. I cast and coat my own bullets and I am pretty picky about them so if the ACME showed issues I would have a problem with them but they have been good.
  3. For both my 550 and my 650 I keep the pins in the plastic boxes that the conversions come in.
  4. I like this system also. I don't use if for my Dillon's but I do for my single stage press, star lubesizer and other accessories. I also use the for my shotshell loaders now and they work well.
  5. I haven't had them in my two limited guns for many years, doesn't seem to matter. A solution for the tiny allen wrenches is to use a dremel cut off wheel and just cut slots into the screw and use a small flat tip. I stripped out one of the screws trying to get it off the gun and I was able to push it to one side enough to cut a slot in it and use a small flat tip screw driver to get it off.
  6. Typically yellow "sand" debris in the chamber area is actually unburned powder that has had the black/silver graphite (or whatever it is?) coating burned off during firing but did not ignite. Small sand type debris would make sense with the WAC loads as it is a fine ball/flattened ball type powder but "cylinder" debris would not unless you fired some loads with a different powder like possibly Vit?
  7. Intel6


    The can of powder on the bench is a can of 700X I think.
  8. That is exactly what I didn't want you to think but I was curious because they are very smooth and because of that they seemed deliberate. I think your explanation about how the process is subconscious explains why they are that way. It is obvious that you are a very "cerebral" shooter and put a lot of effort in your shooting. I figured you would have a well thought out discussion on this and you certainly didn't disappoint. You post was exactly what I was hoping for and I appreciate you posting it.
  9. Since you have been posting all these big match videos recently something I noticed while watching them was that you seem to take extra shots (3x on a target) frequently on a single stage? It seems to me like it is something different than shooting "make up" shots and is more of a deliberate strategy? If I am not mistaken about this, could you please discuss your thoughts about the strategy as it would seem to go against normal thinking. I don't recall there ever being any discussion about this? If there has been please point me in that direction. Thanks
  10. I am running a 6" .40 bushing bbl with the slide lightened back down to a 5" weight. While I can shoot 180's in it I prefer/shoot 165's in it. Cycles fast and you are right back on the sights. I recently put a full sized PT grips on it. I have large hands and like to use the BAM magwell so getting the "older" full sized PT grip is great because it fills up my grip and fits any magwell. I really like the PT grip on my 6" gun and feel it is worth it. With the plastic grip the 180's were OK to shoot but I tried a 5" 180 load in it with the metal grip and it actually shoots decent
  11. They used to be harder to find, The last couple I got when I saw that Brownell's started carrying them. I have large hands and I love these grips, since they fill up my grip. I have these grips on most of my revolvers (610/625/627/929) and I even put one on my 10 shot .22LR 617 so it feels the same as all the others.
  12. I have been using the Clean Shot for 9mm lately because it is supposed to be the "old Accurate #2" which I have shot Lbs. of in the past. It is nice and fine so it meters well and I have been real happy with it so far shooting 124 Blues and some Acme 150's. I just got my PCC up and running and been using the 124 Blue bullet with 3.6 grs. of the CS and that gets me a 132 PF out of my PCC.
  13. I picked up a .40 a few years ago and replaced the series 80 stuff with a spacer and started shooting it. Has been a great gun, decided to get one in .45 ACP as a shooter and also a backup if I need it.
  14. My Sig Max in .40 has been running great since I got it. In fact I like it so much and think it is such a great value I just picked up one in .45 ACP.
  15. Seen it with both Remington and Winchester brass also.
  16. I was going to mention that also. The front sight might be good for the rear but you are screwed if you want something else. You made a flat spot for it and then drilled two big holes. Not much metal left up there if you wanted to do anything else.
  17. The first question is what type of Rem are they? 1100 or 11-87's? The 1100 platform (in 2 3/4 version) should not have any issues with birdshot so if it does it may need cleaning (of the gas seal rings) or new o ring seal. I would typically run my 1100's wet but I also wiped them down frequently and re-lubed. The 11-87 can have issues with birdshot depending on they type. For instance I have a 11-87 Police and I can tell you that it is set up from the factory for a diet of full powder slugs and buck shot. Since I is a "police" version it was never intended to be u
  18. Usually there is a bit of unthreaded shank just above the threads before there is a flange on the bushing . I have used a regular set of wire cutters to grab in that unthreaded part and provide enought grip to then back out the screw it self. Since you are grabbing with a very thin surface on a spot where it doesn't matter if you get a mark in the metal it works fine.
  19. I have used the Arredondo extensions for quite a few years now and they work great.
  20. Ok, makes sense. I had looked at them before and was just hoping to get in on the sale and went to buy one and didn't see it. Wondered if I was going crazy? Thanks!
  21. What happened to the forged PSA magwells? I had looked at them earlier and now I don't see them on the page? Do you still make them?
  22. They are made of brass (some are nickeled) and can be recycled. Need to watch out because there are primers out there that have steel cups. First time I tried to recycle them for $ the guy whipped out a magnet and showed me. I didn't know they existed up to that point so now I run a magnet over them before turning them in.
  23. Hate to say it but it sure looks like a re-chambered 9 x ?? barrel. Looks like there may have been a "23" under the over-stamped "25" because the "CP 9x" looks the same (cut with CNC) but the "25" is different (stamped not cut). Not saying its bad, just not a purpose made 9x25 bbl. It would make sense if it was a 9x23 bbl because not much of that out there these days.
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