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  1. I got mine because I have always liked shotguns. I picked up a shockwave and a Tac 14 wood just because they were interesting. I didn't figure I would use them for anything other than fun. I have had a blast shooting them and after shooting them you can get more proficient with them enough to use them for something other than fun. I got an adaptor and put a brace on my Tac 14 and that really made it more useable, going to leave that on for a while.
  2. I have on of those also, great shooter but I would like one with a shorter barrel also so this is good news.
  3. I have done that also for different cases. I found a rubber "O" ring of the right diameter works well also since you can slide it up and down depending on your case length. When I started loading 7.62x39/6 PPC I already had the correct adapter because I was loading .357 MAX so I just used that.
  4. I load 7,62x39 and 6 PPC on both my 650 and 550. For the 650 my case feed adaptor is a modified orange one that I use for 357 MAX and the 7.62x39/6 PPC. For the powder funnel it would be the same as I use in 6 PPC. Not sure if there is a difference between a larger rifle caliber like 243 Win but I am guessing since the PPC/BR cases are shorter they may make a longer funnel for the shorter cases.
  5. I have been running the FART with the supplied pins for over a year now and have never had pins stuck like that? It was a concern of mine at first but when I saw I didn't have that issues I don't even worry about it any more.
  6. I was looking to cut done some .38 SPL down to Mid length (basically .38 Super length) for my 627 and I initially was planning on using RP because I had lots of it and it fits decent in the clips I had. Well I found out quickly that when cut down, RP had too much internal taper near the bottom of the case and would bulge with the 160 bullets I planned on using. I dug around and found I had a batch of Federal cases that worked the same in the clips and they had less internal taper so when they were cut down the 160 gr. bullets seated fine.
  7. I was sorry to hear of his passing. In years past I was fortunate to run into Ron at different times and squad with him at matches, the last being at the High Desert Classic in ALBQ years ago. I also spent a decent amount of time sitting around bullshi**ing in the hotel at one of the Vegas Nationals waiting for scores. Quite an interesting fellow who really was serious about shooting and being the best he could at it.
  8. They said at the awards since it was a level 1 match anyway they decided this year to make it an "Outlaw" match to see if they could get some more participation by opening it up to the ICORE guys and others.
  9. Went through this same thing back in 2011 and came to much the same conclusion. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/130879-new-magwell-for-shooters-with-large-hands/
  10. I prefer them without supports if I am using it for more than one gun because then slide/BBL length doesn't matter. A Ghost/DAA holster without a muzzle support can support 5" & 6" limited guns and open guns of different lengths without any adjustment needed. I use a trigger guard type holster for shooting revolver and I can use my 6" 929 or my 5" 627 interchangeably without messing around with adjusting a barrel support.
  11. That is what I have been using for years . The Brother brand P-Touch label maker uses a very thin film label that sticks well and stays put even with cleaning. I put them on the spine of my STI mags and in the side depression on my SV mags. They have lasted years and have never caused a problem.
  12. I folded up an old towel and laid it on the top. If it is big enough with enough hanging over the sides it will not interfere with the brass. It keeps the brass noise down and also deadened the noise coming from the sides of the plastic hopper.
  13. Yep, HK MP5. The FBI used/uses them and I used to get some fired brass from them training out at our local range. I had some that had already split on the first firing but if they are not then clean them and load them. I had a few develop splits along the flute lines but it was free brass to me.
  14. Nice! I have a PCC but haven't tried it yet. I am getting ready for the Western States Single Stack Classic up at Rio in Phx so I was shooting SS in the match for "practice."
  15. Hello! Looks like we shot the same match on Saturday and I could have said hello in person but we were on separate squads. I am sure I will see you out there again.
  16. I load sitting on all my presses due to back issues. 650/550/single stage/shotgun presss. I have an adjustable stool to I can adjust due to my presses being at different heights.
  17. Thanks Chuck, I didn't have a pic of my mags with the cut down pads but mine are basically the same.
  18. The factory 8 round mags are Wilsons and they make an extended pad for them. Doesn't increase capacity but does increase length. If you want to use them in USPSA SS then you will need modify them so they fit in the box. https://www.brownells.com/magazines/handgun-magazines/magazine-parts/magazine-floorplates/1911-magazine-pads-prod71711.aspx?psize=96&avs|Manufacturer_1=WILSON%2bCOMBAT
  19. Nope, mine is on a BOSS, just need to move the screws.
  20. I don't load enough of them to do it regularly but I loaded some .460 Weatherby Magnum rounds on my 550 once just to see if I could do it.
  21. Common and you are using two different bullet weights that cause shifts in POI.
  22. I just loaded up 500 rds of 9mm using Clean Shot yesterday. Great powder, used lots of it when it was sold as AA #2.
  23. When I only had one limited gun (my Edge) I used to bring my G20 with a KKM .40 conversion barrel as a backup. I was able to use my long loaded .40's in it without any issues.
  24. That is actually pretty standard for a Beretta. The .40 version of the Beretta looks like that also. I think it is just the way they make the slides? When the Border Patrol was still using the Berettas I would find all kinds of .40 bras that looked exactly like this. Funny, the second Gen S&W autos also had a distinctive fired primer look back when they were in use.
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