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  1. I also tried cutting down RP .38 Sepcial brass to Mid and had issues with the internal case taper. I ended up cutting down a batch of Federal .38 brass to mid length and it worked well.
  2. I guess it is possible? The round was not loaded, I caught it when it was misprimed at the priming station.
  3. So did I and that was why I was really surprised when it went off. I had picked out sideways primers that had not been shoved in all the way before without any issues but this one was more mangled than normal. Been reloading for 30+ years and that was a new one on me.
  4. This was causd by the damagd primer. Primer are sensitive and once damaged like that they can be super sensitive and can be set off very easy. Never would have known but I had a primer go in a case off center/sideways while reloading. I felt it go in bad so I took the case out of the priming station and was going to pick the primer out with a small pick I have on the bench. I went to pick out the messed up primer and it went off. Suprised the heck out of me and I was fortunate that I had my saftey gear on. So in this case you damaged the primer and the shock of the hammer pulle
  5. Need to make sure you got the right dies for the right rifle. The chambers are different (slight differences) between the 1911 and the K31. The Lee dies work for the 1911 chamber but will overwork the brass if used to load for the K31. Hornady and Rdding dies are the correct dimension for loading for the K31.
  6. Until Lee started making thier dies longer they all were too short for the Dillons. standard fix has always been to use the lock nut on the bottom of the tool head.
  7. I had that rubber tipped overtravel screw in my Bill Davis PPc revolver. It was strange so I just made sure it was screwed in enough to not affect the trigger pul. I have very large hands and long fingers and stumbled on the "techniqe" (Described by the OP) myself when I first started shooting revolvers. I have never liked the 'Staging" way of shooting revolvers so while I could make it work I never used it. I shoot my revolvers using a smooth even pull and use the X frame Hogue grips on all my revolvers (including the 617) for propper trigger finger placement.
  8. It is about bullet and case friction. A 115 gr.bullet being shorter has less bullet seated in the case so less friction. A heavier bullet will have more since there is more bullet in the case. If you are using factory ammo that will be the only way to affect this, try a heavier bullet/load.
  9. When I got my MAX .40 I had full intentions on getting a set of Tripp mags but since the gun came with a few of the Wilson 47NX 10mm mags I figured I would test them out by using them to break in the pistol before match use. I ran quite a few rounds through the gun breaking it in and getting used to it and had zero problems with the mags so I just decided to order a few more (since I already had some) and use them figuring if I ended up having problems then I could go with the trips. Hd the mags fora few yesrs no and still have no issues.
  10. The Lee facotry crimp die is made to work on loaded ammo and would do the resizing you need and may or may not affect the bullet sizing. I typically dont use mine for loaded ammo but I do use it to size down my 9mm brass for my revolver since it sizes down further on the case than the Dillon dies odes and makes the ammo chamber better.
  11. I got that for mine and use a power screwdriver rather than a drill as they ar smaller and lighter than a drill.
  12. Two different clubs and ranges: Pima Pistol Club: https://pimapistolclub.com/ Southern Arizona Pratical Shooters at 3 point range (Tucson Rifle Club) : http://www.tucsonrifleclub.org/Tactical_Intro.shtml
  13. +1 Just about all of my revolvers have the X frame Houge grip. I have larger hands and like how they feel. I had various types of grips but most end up feeling too thin and didn't fill out my grip. I put them on my competition revolvers and then just put them on most of my other revolvers (610, 625's etc...) even if they aren't for competition. Now when I pick up and shoot a revolver they feel exactly the same.
  14. Unfortunatley, there is not any one in SV that I could recommend, specifically for 2011's. SV is a small town and the gunsmiths that are here are more oriented towards general repair and rifles.
  15. Those loadbooks just complie data directly from other books. That data in particular is originally from Hornday, very distinctive how the data is displayed.
  16. I got my 650 back in 1995 and have been running it hard ever since, loaded countless amounts of ammo on it. I had a refurbed by Dillon a whike back and it is still going strong. I really like the rotary priming system, the one on my 550 is always a PITA. I guess I can see why Dillon made this change (simplicity and less customer issues) but I think it is step backwards.
  17. My general shooting load for CS is the same as it was when I loaded it as the original #2. 4.0 gr. behing a 124 gr. lead/coated bullet in 9mm is my standard shooting load. I cant tell you how many thousands of that load I have loaded and shot. It ill get you in the ball park and you can adjust from there.
  18. N320 & WST both fast burning so they shoot clean.
  19. https://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=GG-GPRS&gogun-ar-15-polymer-gas-pedal I got a few of these one year at the Nationals. Put one on my 1522 and it didn't work out well for me due to my large hands.
  20. My son is up just north of Austin and they got hit by the weather about the same time so it was big.
  21. I also have never had a primer detonation on my 650 (got the 650 in 1995) using all brands of primers especially Federals for my revolvers. The funny thing is years ago Lee specifically said they do not recommend using Federal primers in their hand primers. Not sure if they still do but I remember reading and looking into it before deciding that I was going to anyway.
  22. I have one on one of my 625's and Dawson's on all the rest. It works good but I prefer the Dawson's for the smaller FO.
  23. Nice! built on a Safari Arms frame, definitely old school there. I fitted an old Colt Ace conversion to one of my SA frames like that, very distinct.
  24. Sad news, the revolver world has lost a great one. Vic was always friendly and a great person to talk with. I live way South below Tucson and would come up to shoot a Rio a few times a year but every time Vic would remember me and chat like we saw each other all the time. Rest in peace.
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