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  1. Hi Nick. Don't be scared. This is a great match to shoot. All of our targets are wide open so you wont see no shoots around. You will do more than fine. The next step to shoot on Friday is to squad yourself. you can do that here Other people on the your squad will be more than thrilled to help you navigate the stages. They are all fun and you will have a good time.
  2. I just posted the stages for this years Area 3 Championship Match on our facebook page. We will use that as our primary source of communication. FACEBOOK Website
  3. Am squads will shoot in the am on both days and the same goes for pm
  4. Matt P.

    Powder Valley

    Just got a reply. Here is the official statement http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2014/01/nammo-announces-acquisition-of-vihtavuori/
  5. Matt P.

    Powder Valley

    VV was recently purchased by a "Holding Company" and production has stopped (from what I heard). I also understand that production will probably not resume for years. Again, this is just information from a very good source but, I have not verified it myself.
  6. Matt P.

    Comp cleaning - Dremel Brass Brush?

    Soda blast will return it to new condition again. If you want to, send your gun to http://grundhausergunworks.com/ He can do it for you
  7. Yes there is. Just fill out the form as normal and at the end you can either pay by credit card or print and mail the form. The nice thing about that is that we will be able to read everything.
  8. Makes for an interesting match.
  9. Thanks. I worked on that for awhile.
  10. Ok, Everything is working perfect and you can now register for the 2014 Hornady Area 3 Championship match held in Grand Island Nebraska on August 1-3. You can expect 14 stages along with our free BEER garden when you are done. Last year we had a record attendance with a record prize table. This year will surpass that. We can now accept credit cards at registration. For those who care, we are not using paypal. Please visit our facebook site or our USPSA3.COM Website for more information
  11. Matt P.

    New DD alpha ShotMaxx Timer

    I bought mine and used it now for 3 weeks. All I can say is AWESOME. I come from the CED 8000 and big board for training. The only problem I have is that I wear the unit on my left wrist which means I need to start it with my right hand. By doing so, if I use a random start, I can not get my hand back into t a ready position quick enough to really be ready. So I just adjust the delay setting and use a fixed time. The beep is plenty loud enough and it works perfect. Love mine.
  12. I am a few days behind launching it. Still finishing the test of the CC module. shouldn't be too much longer.
  13. The dates on Facebook are correct. Registration will open in about a week Hope you can make it
  14. The Web site will be updated soon but Facebook is correct
  15. Thanks for asking. I hope you and your friends can make it. It's a fun match.