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  1. With the success of Practiscore at our club, the other shoots would like to see if can be adapted to their shoots (i.e. Bullseye/Highpower) We would be very interested if their was a way to set-up practiscore to do this scoring also. Thanks!
  2. Try GSG mags. I use them and they work great. Had to clip one coil off the mag spring as they were too stiff and the first round wouldn't reliably eject. Now, 800 rounds with no FTE or FTF. Had colt ace mags and was always tweaking the lips to get them to run reliably.
  3. Try GSG mags. I use them in my Marvel unit and they work great. I had to clipped 1 coil off the mag spring to prevent first round ejection problems, but that is about it. Used them for 6 matches now and no problems.
  4. Although I hate to admit it. I use those generic nylon mag pouches for airsoft that look like eagle double mag pouches. I tuck the cover flap into the pouch and it holds rimfire mags very well. Several of us at our club use them. They hold S&W 41, Buckmark, Ruger etc mags. They draw smooth and rounds don't get hung up anywhere.
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