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  1. On Sunday November 15th Topton will be hosting a six stage rifle match. There will be three classes. Limited, Tac ops, and Open. Match fee will be 35.00 per shooter. No payout or prize table. Minimum round count 200. Shooters meeting at 8am. There will be a maximum of 60 shooter. Registration will close on November 8th. Send payment along with squad requests to Dean Deturk 1102 Forest St. Fleet wood PA 19522. Email address mxnuts@msn.com.
  2. We really did not hold anyone's feet to the fire on barell lenght. The idea of the match was to get away from comp guns and have everyone try to run their homeland defense gear.
  3. I have been sending confirmations. Please send me another email in case I missed the first one you sent.
  4. I have you and your crew on the list Dave. Jim, don't get too hung up on barrel length. The 16 inch stipulation was somewhat arbitrary. As I mentioned in the original post we wanted to keep this a run what you would carry match but also did not want to exclude anyone due to lack of gear. There are a few people signed up with longer barrels. If it's a competition gun then you will be shooting for fun. But if for example your homeland defense rifle is a Knights SR-25 with a 20 inch barrel then we would be ok with that. The idea is to prevent guys shooting production guns from competing with open guns.
  5. We are going to try something a little different at Topton in December. This will be a rifle/pistol match with a run what you would carry theme. We want to give everyone a chance to compete with the gear they claim they will use during the zombie apocalypse but never actually practice with. The cost will be 25 dollars and there will be three long stages with high round count. Maximum range for rifle will be 100 yards. We will require preregistration to get an idea of head count. Funds can be paid the day of the match. Those interested can send an email with names and squad requests to Matt Nagel enagel8143@verizon.net. We would like to have a minimum of 20 shooters in order to have the match. 200 rifle and 200 pistol will more than cover it. Rifle 16 inch barrel or less. SBRs and suppressors are ok. If you have one of the new SIG braces on an AR pistol you can bring that too. Magazine capacity will be limited to thirty rounds. There will be three divisions. Open sights, dot with or without magnifier, and scope. 308s are also welcome. If you are shooting a 308 it will be one A hit on paper. Pistol Bring what you normally carry on the street. Glock, M&P, 1911, etc,. But please no game guns. If for some reason all you have is game gear have no fear. We dont want to turn anyone away but you may find yourself shooting for fun and not for score.
  6. Topton Fish and Game will be hosting the PA State Rifle Match on Sunday 11/17/13. The fee will be 60 dollars per shooter and there will be a 60% cash payout. Shooters meeting is at 07:30 and first shots will be fired no later than 08:00. Please send payment and squad requests to: Dean Deturk 1102 Forest St. Fleetwood, PA 19522
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