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  1. I run 3.4g of Titegroup over a 147 plated bullet on my 5" XD-9 with a 16# spring. Not sure of the exact OAL, but I set it with Winchester White Box.... I've run over 6,000 rounds of it thru without a problem. But I did notice, when I was working up the load, that 3.0g would give me a malfunction every mag or two..
  2. I'm really glad that you had a good time. Thanks for coming!
  3. Bump one last time. Advance registration price ($65) still good until Sept 15th!
  4. From their Website: The K100 uses a rare locking system, shared by the Beretta Cougar, PX4 Storm, and Brügger & Thomet MP9 which employs a rotating barrel lock, which in the K100's case is cammed by a cross pin. When the pistol is fired the barrel and slide move backward together for about 3/8ths of an inch while the barrel is cammed counterclockwise by a flat, twisting, helical "cut" in the barrel extension. Once the barrel and slide have moved back to the point where the barrel has twisted about 45 degrees to the left, the slide is free to continue traveling back while the barrel's travel is arrested by its interface to the frame via the barrel extension. On the K100 the Beretta's barrel extension cam cut and cam tooth are replaced by a frame-embedded crosspin and a barrel extension "cut" with rounded surfaces which engage it. As such, there is no transfer block per sec, and the barrel and barrel extension directly interface with the frame via the crosspin. I'm wondering just how well that crosspin will hold up to tens of thousands of rounds?
  5. We haven't really started planning next year at all. A lot depends on how THIS year goes. We've got the space for 22 or more stages, but manpower is always the issue.
  6. Naah Next year is only going to be 22 stages. And its a practice match for the Nationals, not the World Shoot.
  7. Bump Come help us make our first State Championship a success!
  8. For Cheap ammo for Production class, you still can't beat Winchester White Box. I wouldn't use it for the Nationals, but it's plenty good enough for a local match. I believe it PF's out to about 140 in my XD.
  9. Who carries the undersized die? I can't seem to find it on MidwayUSA.
  10. 1st Annual Nevada State Championship Oct 5th-7th. 10 Stages and 200+ rounds. Come help us make the first annual the start of a great tradition!
  11. Since you note the state of the Manufacturer, I just thought I'd point out that I've had nothing but good experiences with their customer care. And that is NOT typical accuracy for one of those.
  12. Setting the spring was one thing that I couldn't seem to find in the manual. Thanks for the pic of how it should be.
  13. Could you send me your Ultraedit macros and the Template? I'd like to try it.
  14. Ummm, as the one posting the results to OUR website, but NOT the one uploading the classifiers to USPSA.. How do I upload the matches?
  15. Something else that's going to color the caliber portion: Most of us are already shooting 9mm in Production. It's cheaper and there's not a lot of advantage to shooting 40 or 45, even if you do light load them. Me, I'd continue to shoot my XD9, but load up to 16. I don't need 18 or 19. I've just gained a reload I don't have to do. So what if I didn't gain two?
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