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  1. [Let me preface this by saying that I am not a lawyer. However, I do know how to listen to them.] I see that no one responded to you here, and I don't have a direct answer, but I can tell you that you need to ask your general counsel (or whoever is the go-to lawyer, or CPA, in your club). If your club operates under certain non-profit statuses, that is a huge no-go, to mix income and expenses outside of the club's control. That's why most of the clubs have us (the MD's) give them the income, and reimburse our expenses in a completely separate transaction. That's totally separate from the personal tax implications that could occur, but it could have far worse consequences.
  2. birdo

    On-Line Payments

    Those of you that do use Stripe, have you had any pushback from your clubs (executive boards, etc)? How do you handle the transfer of money to the club?
  3. I would suggest that you not buy the HD version first off, you don't need the screen resolution and the battery will be more effective in the long haul on the "normal" version. The Fire's are fine so long as you put an anti-glare protector over the screen, and learn how to shade it either with your body or an umbrella (the same way that you face when you look at your phone in the middle of a match). The better speed and responsiveness makes up for time lost putting your back to the sun. My .02, and it's worth just that.
  4. If you could grab a touchscreen monitor cheap (resolution doesn't really matter), and if that would actually work with the android stb, that would be one hell of a thing to have in the "clubhouse" at major matches. Self-service scores. No more "hey, can I take a look at Stage 36, I think I had an overall win".
  5. Match directors, have any of you grabbed these (or ruled them out) for your clubs? Kid's Fire 2-Pack And yes, I am serious. Beyond the fact that you can get pink ones (which shooters would love), they have a 2-year no questions asked warranty (which is handy when they have birdshot embedded in the glass, I would not like to explain that to Amazon). The only downfall I can think of is that the "case" that comes on them doesn't cover the screen, as the "folio" style ones do, which protects them when not in use. And I am not sure if these have Ads or not. Thoughts? (Please tell me to go ahead and get 6 pink ones for my club, I will buy you a beer when I see you next).
  6. Thank you Stumpy, I finally had a chance to spend some time on the gun, and this indeed was the issue. I have put the temporary fix in place (cardboard on the rear TG shelf to tighten it up), until I can test it further, but it's not locking up when racking it now when it previously was just about every time. And Steve, it seems that mine has not had enough rounds through it to cause the type of damage that you showed there, the only thing I am seeing is a small gouge in the tube release button itself. No damage on the lifter groove like you were seeing there. Thank you all for the help on this one, saved me a ton of time and money. Much appreciated! Tony D
  7. Unfortunately, I have not had (or taken, more accurately) the time to contact Beretta on this one, so my issue is still present. Interesting Steve. I will have to check mine when I am home to see if any similar damage is present that may be causing my issue. Thanks!
  8. Just a quick update, I am still having this issue (occurred on the 3rd shot during testing). I have a match this weekend and haven't had time to get a hold of Beretta, but I will do so Monday and let you all know what happens. Monday I will also rip apart the trigger group again and post pictures of the parts, see if anyone can notice any sharp edges or machine marks that may be the culprit. Stay tuned.
  9. So I broke the trigger group completely down (which was "fun"), pretended to clean/fix it (no problems were apparent, though I am not sure I would know what to look for), and re-assembled it (which was even more "fun"). I would recommend this procedure to no one. Unless you don't like me, then you should definitely try it! Apparently my mock-fixing, combined with the names that I called it, did the trick. It's now functioning normally, without live-fire testing yet. So I will test that at the range this week, fingers crossed. Maybe a spring was bound up, or something was out of place.
  10. Thank you, I do indeed know another shooter here using the 1301, and I will use his trigger group to troubleshoot. I was leaning towards the problem being related to the trigger group actually, because of that shell release button being so hard to push when the issue crops up. I bet that thing is binding somehow, someway... Good first step in troubleshooting, thanks again!
  11. So I have a 1301 issue that I have not been able to find mention of online. The lifter "locks" on me, when it should not be doing so. Sometimes with a round in the chamber (though not always), sometimes with rounds in the tube (though not always). The other symptoms here: Shell Release button is hard to press when this happens, much harder than it normally is. If I press the bolt release (in the normal bolt release "direction"), it will "unlock" the lifter, which I suppose is expected. Here is the recreation of it. Note that in this example it only did it on the last round (tube was empty, one was in the chamber), but that is not always the case. This has happened after one shot with a full tube: Recreation of issue Here is what *may* be a possible related side-effect or cause: Side-effect? Has anyone seen this? What I have done wrong (I am sure that this is user-created). Along those lines, the gun has had only minimal modifications: Loading port hogged out +4 round Nordic tube/spring Thanks!
  12. They absolutely do, and besides Aaron is a great ambassador for the sport.
  13. Are these libraries still maintained? If so, the links should be updated. If not, maybe we need to remove the old posts. I am hoping they still are available!
  14. Yup just a formatting issue. A few of us are at CMMG, once that's over with we will get that fixed up!
  15. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, we will check and fix the formula there and get updated standings posted! Bill, you also beat many and more people who are half your age
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