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  1. Ok went to LGS and it got confusing. They had a nice selection but kid behind counter was clueless, no criticism as so was I !! They had a serious selection over 20 models which led to some confusion. I have an old CZ75 and was thinking of getting something a little spiffier. Looked at CZ TS Orange and SP01 Shadow orange....... looked like almost the same model is one an older version or ????? He tried to talk me into a Shadow 2 Blue ? Guess it was called that because of the blue grips on it?? What's the basic diff's between these or is there something else I should look at ?? my thanks in advance
  2. On a full size G17, and even a compact G19, I find the gen 4 without any added back strap points much more naturally after shooting a 1911. the Gen 3's drove me nuts!!!!!
  3. In that scenario you are maintaining pressure on the trigger which keeps the contact surfaces from bouncing off themselves when the slide slams forward....... that's what saves the kitties!
  4. It seems some really don't understand how a 1911 functions and are giving bad advice........ every time you drop the slide on an empty chamber without holding the trigger down you allow the contact surfaces of the hammer and sear to literally bounce against each other......what's that $100+ trigger job worth and that's if you don't ruin the contact surfaces. And NO you don't do it every time you go to slide lock, when you drop the slide on a new mag the stripping off of the round slows slide velocity so as to not cause DAMAGE.....YES I said DAMAGE Don't compare a standard GI or production 1911 against a finely tuned 1911 where the hooks are already ground to around .022 there's very little contact surface left to begin with and grinding them down more by slide bounce ( or worse chipping them),isn't going to help any. Do as you wish with your 1911 just don't give bad advice to others.
  5. Re DW 9mm if deal falls thru please advise

    sorry I missed this!

  6. KRAJ that's what I was thinking but can't afford another mistake. I just saw Shooting USA carry optics special and it looked like JJ was using the ZEV hexagon so i think I'm OK with that one. Will order another slide for the Dragonfly and I should be good to go. my thanks
  7. OK so a ZEV dragonfly is not legal due to slide lightening cuts but would a Zev Hexagon be legal? These are no slide cuts other than the RMR so I'm thinking yes, but...... hopefully a USPSA CRO will chime in before I buy it and can't use it. Worst case 17 MOS here I come....... my thanks in advance
  8. NickAument

    Glock porn

    Ok his and her ZEV's .....truly an impulse buy was looking at a cpl MOS Glocks and got carried away still not sure this was the move to make because they're not carry optics legal so may get an MOS anyways!!
  9. Thank you much appreciated
  10. some folks are just plain talented....very nice
  11. I've always been please with Extreme plated bullets. their plating is so thick it's almost like shooting jacketed rounds. Never had any issues with them in 38,9mm,40, or 45
  12. Shot the limited nationals in Reno in 92 or 93 was using Win231 for my 45 loads. I was from Cali at the time and before leaving temp was 70 degrees my PF was 185, well 2 days later in Reno about 35 degrees, same load chrono's at 163PF!! AWLAZS at a major match your loads will be pulled from you and kept by the RO's until it's your time to chrono, they won't let you heat them or do anything with them including "rolling them in your hands to warm them up", ask me how I know!!
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