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  1. I have seen people say the same about Counter Sniper scopes. They purchased crap and now they own it so they feel they have to be dishonest with themselves. Just saying at the end of the day even if 30% of his mounts did not work which I have seen when tested right 99.9% not work. But even if only 30% didn't his numbers for bad mounts would be to high. You're not thinking clearly if you're comparing Larue mounts to Counter Sniper Scopes. Its obvious you have a huge axe to grind and you have no problem resorting to slander against one of the bigger supports of the sport and also one of the best optic mount makers out there. Pat You have never owned anything other than Larue based on your comments that have been made previously so I don't think you are even at a point to judge. I have used just about all of them, tested them all the same and larue was at the bottom. The Burris QD mount is on par but at half the cost. Keep up supporting them, but don't pretend your crap does not stink because it wears a lapoop, it went from the crapper to pure septic. LaRue mounts are popular in 3 gun because they work. A lot of top shooters that don't even know (or care) who you are use them because they work. They don't care what you've "tested" or "seen tested". Who are you anyway? Your name hasn't shown up on any matches I've been to. You're just another Frank worshipper that types more than he shoots. Tell ya what chief. I'll keep using what works. When you and Frank actually show up at a 3G match and beat some of these people using LaRue stuff, your opinion might mean something. Most of the people on this forum actually shoot and go to real competitions. I realize that's probably a novel concept for you, but it's the primary reason nobody here values your opinion. By the way, I didn't pay for a single piece of LaRue gear. It was all free from prize tables because of Mark LaRue supporting the sport. Mark supports, shooters respond in kind. You talk, nobody listens. Not here anyway. Maybe you should go back to the hide, poserville, or whatever it's called. You're probably important there.
  2. Well organized, perfectly executed, one of the best multigun matches I've shot. And not a single stage thrown out. Everyone cross your fingers Sheldon opts to run this match next year.
  3. Odie

    Black Widow Spiders

    Sounds like your watch-dog isn't doing a very good job of "watching". Oh, she watches. Watches for biscuits and pizza. As far the spiders, I don't crush them, I don't get near them. I blast 'em with a can of Brake Parts Cleaner.
  4. Everytime we load up camera equipment, or move anything that has been stationary for any amount of time, Black Widow. One built a web under the dog's water bowl. Bringing in wood for the fireplace, rolled a log, Black Widow. Their webs are easy to spot, they are just helter skelter, no form or pattern, and they are everywhere around my house. Fired up the charcoal starter can the other day, and what crawls out? Black Widow. This is getting a little scary, one week I found 6.
  5. Odie

    Recoil Buffers

    I agree, the buffers cause short stroke too. Tailoring your loads will have a greater effect. Had a lot of failures to eject with buffers in 34's and 35's. Other folks may be able to get them to work, I didn't have any luck.
  6. Odie is one of the most outstanding people/shooter in the sport. He is the first one to help out with everything needed to run a succesful match. To top it all off, his sense of humor is is always uplifting.


  7. I'll never tell, but I do think we're married since "it" happened in Arkansas. Maybe just engaged, I'm not clear on all the local customs. Chad Well, it was good for me, was it good for you?
  8. I just hope there's no pictures floating around of HOW I stole your ticket.
  9. It had TWO triggers? Man! I just kept yanking the one and followed the bird all the way down, where it died on it's own. I think points should be awarded when the bird commits suicide.
  10. Odie

    Les Paul

    Many a great person was told "Never". Thank God for naysayers. We wouldn't have great people without them.
  11. Odie

    Les Paul

    Man. What a player/innovator. I will take up my well-worn/beat up/much loved '79 Les Paul Custom today and play it loud and be thankful he thought it up so I could have one
  12. Someone put in some work on this, it's great. If the guilty party will come forth, I'll buy them a beer at the next match I see them .
  13. Humor is a good thing. Run it. Return from your quest with video brave sir .
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