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  1. Cool rifle. Will look forwrd to the range report. How do you like that stock? I'm considering switching out my Vltor Modstock for one. Thanks
  2. Na, it's pretty immediate but it can be turned off if you press the +/- buttons for 5 secs. You only have to do this once. Is the overall length shorter than the Gen 1? Thanks Nick
  3. Do these fit the 5" guns the OP referred to?
  4. Andy Does your zero and holdovers change across different magnifications? Thanks Nick
  5. Check out the Nordic/Lothar 16" barrel. I don't own one but the specs shake out nice and the price isnt too bad for what you get. http://shop.nordiccomp.com/Lilja-Nordic-AR-Rifle-Barrel-Stainless-16-BBL-223-16M-LN.htm I do have a PRI CF tube on my rifle and love it.
  6. No affiliation and a little higher than your budget but a good deal nonetheless. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=101365
  7. I think Williams made the GRS on the older "HK" Benellis then LMA the later (and better in my opinion.) Nick
  8. Anybody shoot the match? Results etc? I tapped out last minute due to wx and a 3 hour drive. Stages looked good though.
  9. Here is the dope for the CQB reticle. Good luck. Nick
  10. Chris Just curious. What load are you shooting to get 42" drop @ 500 yds? Thanks Nick
  11. http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?t=21177
  12. Nick S


    First some background. I am R-handed however L-eye dominant. I can compensate OK with a handgun and have learned to shoot a rifle L-handed (although I revert back to R-handed when shooting optics) but shotgun gives me a helluva time. Recently I scored a 21" VR barrel for my M1S90 and am shopping for a HIVIZ FO front sight. I came across the HIVIZ MagniComp that is advertised to help cross eye dominance while keeping both eyes open. Does anyone have any experience with this sight? http://www.hivizsights.com/Shotgun-MagniCo...logy-P79C1.aspx Thanks Nick
  13. I recall from another forum that Mark Larue strongly advised against bridging the receiver with one of his mounts. Seeing that you have gotten the same dope from both JP and Larue I would strongly consider looking at other options such as changing your stockweld or trying the ARMS mount with rings as previously suggested. Another option, albeit not easy or inexpensive would be to consider either a Vltor VIS type upper receiver/rail or the PRI Gen III tube with Rifle Length top rail. This rail mounts to the top of receiver and extends on the tube. Either of these setups would allow you to use the Larue mount with the desired relief however the PRI setup may be too high (and heavy). Good luck.
  14. Thats cool. Sometimes music of any kind is a little distracting (to me) as I'm trying to hear the cadence of the shots/hits etc. Good work. Nick
  15. Cool video. Do you have a version without the deathmetal soundtrack?
  16. Damn I'm tired. Great match guys....I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. Nick
  17. Just a heads up...WTS Sevigny Competition Sights are finally available for the M&P. Mike @ MLE Shooting Sports has them in stock. www.MLE-shootingsports.com
  18. Shooters Connection is about as good as it gets for one stop, 3 gun shopping. Brownells has most things you need as well.
  19. Does anyone know if it will fit a Short Dot? Thanks Nick
  20. Not Mike but according to website no shot larger than 7.5. Hope this helps. Nick http://www.greenvillegunclub.com/pistol_3Gun_index.html
  21. As to suggestions: A riggers belt (with D-ring cut off) or Wilderness gun belt will work OK however a CR Speed belt will give you the most versatility in positioning your gear. California Competition Works or Progressive Machine and Tool Shell strippers (I prefer the x4s vs. the x6s) for your shotgun. You might consider a side saddle shell carrier if thats your thing (its not mine). For your AR you should be good with x1-2 Bladetech, Comp-tac or Ready Tactical mag pouches. Some like Redi-Mags on their rifle or couplers for their mags. You will need to experiment and see what works for you. Good luck. Be prepared to constantly re-evaluate your gear while you're starting out. Nick
  22. If you can't get the problem worked out contact Mark Larue directly and explain the issue to him. I'm sure he will make it right and would want to know if there is a problem with his mount or person answering the phone. Good luck.
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