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  1. OK. SO just confirming nothing to file or cut on the M1 part? Thanks Nick
  2. Recently I pulled my carrier latch from my M1 for some polishing. I was looking at the posts regarding opening the little u shaped reliefs and it doesn't look like I have them on my part. The gun is an older HK stamped M1. Is this an older generation part? Thanks Nick
  3. M&P Pro 5" or M&PL 5" Apex Comp CAEK (factory trigger return spring) Apex AEK aluminum trigger SSS Limited Magwell Dawson Adj or Sevigny sights with FO front home stipple job and undercut. Replaced sear housing blocks and strikers with newest generation. Both my 5" guns were early generations lacking in the accuracy department. One went back to S&W and was returned with the newest barrel and I have been extremely happy with it. The other was replaced with an aftermarket barrel and accuracy has been great however I am having some reliability issues that I am still still trying to work out. Good luck.
  4. Here's the 10-8. And here's the SSS. Hope this helps. I don't have the 10-8 anymore but can throw up some more pics of the SSS if you need it.
  5. What size are you looking for? I have a few laying around.
  6. You could also drag a triangular file across the frame where the tab is catching if you're worried about taking material off the safety itself. Open up a small notch so it will clear.
  7. Shoot it. Mine didn't group that great at first but tightened up after 200 rds or so.
  8. I'm guessing that's Two each and one on steel. I'm shipping double that. Sounds like a plan. Thanks.
  9. Quick question in regards to the posted round counts. Are these an estimate of what to bring to the match or what is needed to neutralize all targets shooting one A or steel falling with one shot? Thanks Nick
  10. the Larue ACOG mount will fit.
  11. I find it a little odd they say no refunds on barrels but then say these are newest production. That said Ive always had excellent customer service from SSS and will continue to do business with them. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. They should refund it if they refund other items. Nick
  12. I use a Safariland ALS holster mounted to a QLS that in turn mounts to the reciprocating QLS permanently attached to my ELS belt for 3 Gun. Is it illegal in USPSA Multigun or the other outlaw rules to remove holster with secured pistol from belt between stages at a match? Thank you. Nick
  13. I have the Apex CAEK in my M&PL. I do use the stock trigger return spring. It's a great kit. A friend has a Burwell trigger in his M&P. It's really nice and probably better. If you can handle the wait the Burwell trigger is really nice and less expensive minus the shipping. I'm just not sure it's that much better if you factor in the wait time and shipping both ways.
  14. If you are edible for Promotive membership the Steiner 1-5 can be had for significant savings over retail. Rumor has it Steiner is also coming out with a 1-6. Nick
  15. They're the shit. They are reliable. You use the same spring. Make sure you take off the plastic tab at the distal end of the spring before you put the base pad back on. Per TTI the Windowed PMAGs have better springs. Spring for some Gen 3 PMAGs. The Gen 2s are a little tight.
  16. Xscream How are you attaching your holster to your belt. Are you using a UBL and 1.75" belt or the 567 belt loop? Thanks again
  17. Thanks XScream. Could you post some pictures of your holster? Thanks Nick
  18. Xscream, Which one (model number) did you purchase? Thank you.
  19. They are needed if you're going to use 10-8s magwell. TTIs will work with it as well.
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