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  1. On 5/3/2020 at 7:03 AM, Garyusaf77 said:

    I really wanted to purchase a STI DVC model unfortunately they are no longer available 


    I settled for a Staccato XL


    its ok but the grips are like a cheese grater I don’t think STI should have changed the line

    as a design engineer I understand that it was done to make more profit by bring more manufacturing in house especially the grips that were originally made by Dawson


    guess money talks unfortunately 


    Cant remember the DVC model I wanted now but it had TiN plated barrel  which I really liked 

    I own two Kelbly Golden Bears Serial numbers G034 and G069


    the G034 has no wear or even witness marks after 6 rounds of use its incredible Titanium Nitride is an incredibly hard surface with low friction ideal to improve life and function on surfaces used for cutting sliding.


    i own many 1911 a Les Baer Premier II, Kimber Super Match II , Gold Match II , Team Match II

    and CZ 75 Bs and a Republic Forge General


    as a disabled veteran shooting is the only hobby that I can physically do so I have spent a lot of money doing it


    i am very disappointed in the new STI grips just want to warn people that they are very sharp at least the ones I have are

    i called STI ask if they could modify the grips or exchange for the old style was told that STI is not a custom shop and will not make any modifications 

    that I’ll have to get used to them


    do  not think I’ll ever purchase another STI handgun









    Send your Gen 2 grip to Extreme Shooters.




    Good luck.

  2. I have a SMOS 12.5 Mid barrel. It runs 55 Fiocchis fine both suppressed and unsuppressed. I have a SF MB on it. Obnoxious if you're next to it but very flat shooting. Ive taken it out to 400 yds with no problems. 


    I was skeptical at first as well. 


    Good luck.

  3. My M2 did the same thing. I could induce it by pulling the bolt to the rear an delaying returning forward slightly thus activating the lifter. Bolt would lock to rear. Initially it did not do it under livef ire then suddenly the bolt began to lock back after firing several rounds.

    A very knowledgable Benelli forum member advised to change out the carrier spring. It fixed the issue.

    Good luck.

  4. You'll need their barrel wrench. They don't supply it with factory built rifles. I called and they sent me one. You'll also need a torch to heat the nut a little. 

    I replaced mine with a KMR as well. The KMR barrel nut fits over a pinned MB. For reference a Noveske NSR nut will not. 

    If they won't send yiu one let me know and I'll loan you mine. 


  5. I would check with Strong Side or Stretch to see if they changed the size of the gas port. If I remember correctly at one point they were using a smaller port that in combination with the intermediate gas system would give reliable function with soft shooting. If they opened up the port size then that may be contributing to the problem and an adjustable block would help.

    Im using a SLR 7 clamp on adjustable block, JP LMOS, TTI buffer spring and Vltor carbine buffer (2.95 oz) and TTI comp. Works great.

    In regards to hand guards, like Tigereye Im using an ALG rail and there is plenty of room. I have tried Noveske NSR and BCM KMR rails and while some people have had luck in terms of clearance its too close for my comfort. On a different rifle I have a SLR clamp on and a SLR ION 15" Ultra Lite Keymod Handguard. Plenty of room with this setup as well.


    Good luck.

  6. My 14.5 GMR13 shoots super soft with Freedom 147s. Very reliable. Ive shot it side by side to a friends MPX shooting factory Fiocchi 124s. Not much difference in recoil. Its a none issue in my opinion.


    Both are super fun guns. For PCC i'd rock a GMR. For range plinking cool factor the MPX.

    Get both!

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