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  1. Send your Gen 2 grip to Extreme Shooters. https://www.extremeshooters.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=53 Good luck.
  2. I put a BCM hand guard on mine. The barrel nut will fit over the pinned comp. Works great and really changed how the guns handles.
  3. It’s the same one as the RMR. yiu may need different screws.
  4. 11.5 or 12.5 if not suppressed.
  5. There is plenty of room underneath a Mk8 and a SLR set screw ADJGB. The clamp on version should fit but I don't have first hand experience. The Mk4 and Mk8 have the same ID. Good luck.
  6. care to reference where you're seeing this? I hope its true.
  7. I have a SMOS 12.5 Mid barrel. It runs 55 Fiocchis fine both suppressed and unsuppressed. I have a SF MB on it. Obnoxious if you're next to it but very flat shooting. Ive taken it out to 400 yds with no problems. I was skeptical at first as well. Good luck.
  8. Thats good news. I hope it's accurate.
  9. It's not the same. The SSA-MPX should drop "in the new future."
  10. My GMR13 runs Freedom Munitions 147s great as it came from the factory. SCS. It's the softest shooting load I have found. No reliability problems.
  11. My M2 did the same thing. I could induce it by pulling the bolt to the rear an delaying returning forward slightly thus activating the lifter. Bolt would lock to rear. Initially it did not do it under livef ire then suddenly the bolt began to lock back after firing several rounds. A very knowledgable Benelli forum member advised to change out the carrier spring. It fixed the issue. Good luck.
  12. Try replacing the carrier spring.
  13. You need the proprietary barrel wrench to get the nut off.
  14. For the JP MK III Rapid Configuration Handguard you will need their proprietary wrench. I dont think a Magpul wrench will work. There are set screws that keep the tube from spinning so its easy to index/re-index.
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