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  1. Do you feel you *need* a Comfortech stock? If you do, you'd probably be best to sell what you have & buy what you want. If you don't, then a decent recoil pad should give you most of the benefits for only part of the cost.
  2. It's just a standard drop lever with a bit of metal welded onto it. You should be able to find someone local to weld it up for you.
  3. Last weekend I was able to try a 1301 Comp, a 1301 Comp Pro & a Versamax back-to-back. I'll focus mostly on my impressions around the Comp Pro: Lifter remains "raised" during loading operations. This is a definite benefit during loading, but you can also mod the Comp lifter to do this. Loading port. Not bad at all, but I would recommend this being opened forwards more. Loading deuces, approx 50% of the time the second cartridge got hung up on a lip - this would need fixing for me. Stock with recoil mitigation and comfort enhancements, probably the biggest change from
  4. Bolt assy's are over $500 here in sunny England. Some people think it's worth the cost.
  5. It's meant to remove 'Benelli bolt bounce' leaving the gun unable to fire. I have seen it fail though.
  6. My honest advice to you is go shoot your 870 & form your own opinion. Your technique will be different from mine as we are different people. What works for you, may well not work for me and vice versa. Good luck amigo!
  7. Holy thread resurrection, Batman !!!!! I wouldn't go much further forward than that at all, you do meet a point of diminishing returns - more isn't always better There is a 'step' on the inside of the receiver that retains the follower. Grind too much of that out & your receiver has just become a paperweight.
  8. Hold on to your hat, its $440 ! https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/83201
  9. Here's my 870 loading port. No, its not rusty - don't know why it looks like that in the pics No, it doesn't pinch my thumb No, the rounds don't fall out the side No, its not as quick to reload as my Supernova - but there is not much difference and I do prefer shooting my 870.
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