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  1. It's the only way I can keep up with the hot shots! Load fast, shoot slow. Doug
  2. Open with mag, Robert Wright,load 12 in 1.42 sec., Me 2.17 sec. Doug
  3. Cool. Thanks. I'm glad thats fixed, I felt like a hog with 2 numbers, plus I like 79. Doug
  4. Yup if it weren't for him we would all be shooting revolvers Or Mausers.
  5. When your dealer calls you and tells you that the Bushmaster rifle that you won at the DPMS match arrived today! Doug
  6. Just got my SS "B" card in the mail, looks like I'm movin' up! Doug H. SSEC Member #79 & 86?
  7. The reason I cut off the rib was because I felt like it was blocking my vision to the left and right of the sights. I feel like I can transition faster now because I can see more. Doug
  8. The day I got the gun I took the dremel to the feed area and went nuts. My wife saw what I was doing and had a fit! "It's a brand new gun! What are you doing!" I load strong hand and can shove the shells in at almost any angle and they pop right in. Then I cut off that crazy cantilever rail. It serves no purpose if you are not shooting open, and if you are shooting open you're using the wrong gun! (Get a Saiga!) Put on some gun black that I picked up on a prize table, (along with some shock buffs and a hat) and it looks pretty good. Doug
  9. Thank You! I will attempt to maintain an accepable level of Snobbery. Since I use bifocals my nose is already fairly high when I'm shooting. Doug
  10. Doug H.

    Which one?

    Timex, then spend the rest of the money on guns Snakes as pets or not? I met a girl in Texas that had a pet snake, she was different! Furry or Shaved? Doug
  11. Hello JMB Enthusiasts! I would like to apply for membership in your elite organization. My first 1911 was a 70 Series Colt Gold Cup that I bought from a fellow police officer. At the time we were all wheel gun shooters. I used it in 1977 at a Police Firearms Instructors Class taught by Bob Marble of the FBI. After drawing and firing a few strings at 15 yards as fast as I could, the assistant Instructor asked if I could hold off on the trigger a little longer as my first shot was hitting the ground about 10 feet in front of me! Big difference between a Colt Trooper and a Gold Cup. Afte
  12. Here is a new Single Stack in .40 that I had John Larsen from JPL Precision build for me. Stainless frame, carbon steel slide, KKM barrel with the ramp angle recut so it will handle any length ammo from .40 or 10MM mags. SV trigger, Ed Brown safetys. Shot my first match in Single Stack today, feels funny to reload so much but it was lots of fun. Doug
  13. Nice piece, John does nice work. What kind of sights?, give me all the details...etc. Don I wanted a SS that looked like the Springfield TGO, but in .40, because I don't reload and didn't want to have to stock another caliber at home. It has a stainless Caspian frame, checkered front and back straps and a brushed finish on the flats. Slide is carbon steel to be IonBonded after I break it in. Only has cocking serrations at the rear, like the original 1911 guns. Bomar style rear sight melted way down into the slide and fiber optic on the front. I had him flat top it and put on arro
  14. Hello Single Stackers, I am about to enter the ranks of Single Stack shooters. I wanted a .40 SS that was built the way I wanted by my local smith, John Larson of JPL Precision. It's finally almost finished, should have it to shoot in a match next weekend. I got to see it for the first time today and I knew that this was the place to show it off for the first time. The slide will be Duracoated for now, until I break it in, then I'm going to have it IonBonded for that two tone look. I guess I'm going to have to learn to count to eight! Doug
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