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  1. My last Efile Form 1 took 16 business days! The SBR I did on paper took over 8 months. I built a 8” on a QC10 and in March finished an MP5A3 clone with 8.6” barrel. The Mp5 shoots much softer and is easier to control but trigger travel is longer and harder to shoot fast splits on in your face targets.
  2. I found them at the Ben Stoger Pro Shop online. It’s just a bumper, no round increase but with the price of HK mags I thought they were worth protecting. 3D printed with a rubbery plastic, they fit very tightly. Only $4.95 each. Doug
  3. My name is Doug and I’m a trigger slapper. That said, the 9ct trigger is sprongy but not heavy. The takeup is long but light and the break is predictable. If I try to hold the trigger back after the shot I often end up doubling. It’s not like a JP trigger but so what, it’s completely usable and fun to shoot. Doug
  4. I just sold a GMR-13 to buy a PTR 9ct MP5 clone. I have a couple of AR-15 SBRs, including a QC10 9mm but the MP5 is an iconic gun that begs to be shot in PCC matches. An MP5 has some disadvantages but like shooting single stack that is part of the fun. I’m shooting the PTR in non USPSA PCC matches now and when my Form 1 comes back I’ll shoot it in USPSA matches. Doug
  5. Go for it! If you know your dope and your gun you’ll probably never finish below 50%. Gas guns have advantages over bolts guns in some types of long range competitions. Doug
  6. Good answer, 13 years late. Doug
  7. I've used the FastFire 2 and 3, Cmore Slideride & STS, Aimpoint H1 & PRO, JP Jpoint, Trijicon RMR 06 and TruGlo Tru-Tec 20mm (looks the same as the Holosun HS403b). Jpoint was the only one that ever broke for me and after only one session on a Glock 34. FastFire 2s had some problems with the tiny screws falling out but were replaced quickly, only problem being that I needed to have 2 in rotation at all times with one on the gun and one heading back to be replaced. Any of them will work, I prefer the Aimpoint H1 because it is small but it's too pricey for me to buy for a fun gun. Th
  8. My brand new JP 9mm doubled and tripled several times on it's first trip to the range. I swapped out the JP trigger springs for a mil spec set and it works fine. Trigger is a little bit heavier but it never doubles and breaks like glass. Doug
  9. Wrong form, you mean 5320.20. Doug https://www.atf.gov/file/4781/download
  10. Aimpoint PRO on my JP GMR-13. 1x, works great, reasonable price. Doug
  11. I'm in complete agreement that sub-MOA will be the requirement. I hope the recovery goes well. Certainly they have the reputation and I have always been impressed with their products that I own or have seen in use. If I had my way, I'd just have them build an LRP-07 for me in 6.5 and be done with it. But that is too costly for me. I have had it on my To Do list to call in and talk to somebody about their barrel profiles. I really don't understand what hey are going for with the skinny profile under the handguard. I'll try to have them explain it to me. It was exciting to see them offer
  12. JP, they have the experience the quality and some of the best customer service in the industry. Have a question, just give them a call and talk to a tech who is an actual shooter and knows what you are talking about. I just bought one of their 6mm Creedmoor barrels and look forward to 1000+ yard shooting pleasure. Doug
  13. Using an MagPul MIAD on my LRP-07, same as all my other ARs, just feels right to me. Doug
  14. I had one welded up from an AI mag top and a 308 mag body. Doug
  15. I disagree that you only have a max of 10 rounds, I just had a 20 round mag made for my bolt gun by Higher Capacity. I do agree that a gas gun is better for follow up shots and speed. You just stay in the scope and keep plugging. I've shot Ironman with a bolt gun (twice) and a gas gun (twice) and I really enjoy the gas gun. Got all the bonus targets this year and one of my squad mates calculated the benefit vs the time I spent and he said I benefited by about 65 seconds. If you are a first class bolt gun shooter it may not make that much difference, but for the average guy like me gas is
  16. I worked on loading my Eberlestock pack for shooting Trooper at Ironman. Doug
  17. Years ago I was discussing passing some long targets at a match in Cali. because they looked difficult to me at the time. One of my more experienced shooting buddies asked me if I thought I could hit the targets if time was not a factor. I told him yes. He said (and I will paraphrase for the kiddies) "then shoot the freaking targets or pick up your stuff and go home!" I've been shooting at all the targets ever since. Doug
  18. I am concerned that I would land in that category. I'd rather engage targets and hit them for no gain than pussy out and not shoot them at all. To me it's about shooting and I go to matches to shoot targets not pass them up.Doug Doug, you're killing me. That was very funny. I do see your point. I've got time to consider how to approach this match. Which division is actually the current issue on my mind.I like carrying all of my stuff on my back, so...... So sign up to shoot Trooper like I did this year! Doug
  19. I am concerned that I would land in that category. I'd rather engage targets and hit them for no gain than pussy out and not shoot them at all. To me it's about shooting and I go to matches to shoot targets not pass them up. Doug
  20. Thank you. I do appreciate the advice. About how many long range targets are there at Ironman? Soonest that I could possibly go would be next year, regardless. Usually 3 at around 500, one at 700 and one at 900. I think that last time I shot it you could score a total of 3 hits at each distance for a total of 9 bonus hits. I didn't shoot Ironman last year so YMMV. Stlhead shoots it every year and could give you a heads up on how it is run now. Doug Doug
  21. At Ironman the ranges for the bonus targets are generally 500, 700 and 900 yards. You can shoot all the ammo at them that you want, until you time out. And I agree with Stlhead, just go shoot the match, borrow a long distance gun the first year and get a feel for the match before you build a gun specifically for that match. Doug
  22. Calibration of spinners, as in a procedure similar to Poppers in USPSA, is not going to happen, but then it won't be happening for long range swingers, self-setters or Texas Stars either. Doug
  23. The major problem I saw several years ago on Stage 7 at Ironman was the slugs were loosening up the bolts pretty often. You could tell when the bolts had come loose because the spinner would not react as quickly or as crisply as normal. I had DQed earlier in the match and helped RO Stage 7 as my punishment. I tightened the bolts on that spinner many times and even broke my pinky when I let the tools slip off. Despite the fact that I broke a finger on one, I like spinner targets and have shot them in matches with pistol, shotgun and rifle. As long as the ROs keep an eye on them they are an
  24. That store is going to have a bit of a reduced selection! Oh my gosh, you're right, the safety got left off this one! But if you knock $150 off the price I'll take it off your hands and get it fixed myself so you don't have to send it back to Glock. Doug
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