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  1. This looks to be a winner!!….if Max is behind it, it's going to be great!
  2. This...big time! Love my PT Evo grip!
  3. This right here is the truth.....as soon as you pull that gun for any purpose, they're going to lock that bad boy up, in the evidence locker.
  4. psyops

    P320x5 or....

    Hey mich3210...here's some more pics of my X5 with a Romeo 3....
  5. psyops

    P320x5 or....

    I put a Romeo 3 on mine and like it MUCH better than the Romeo 1....just my $0.02!
  6. I start with Frozen and end with Baby Shark!!!!
  7. Jcgatus ….great video!!! Thank you!!
  8. A TON of great shooting options here in Albuquerque!!! Welcome Mike!!…..see you at some matches!
  9. psyops

    P320x5 Carry Optics

    This "rumor" has a high likelihood of being true!! ?
  10. I have 2 pair and they were both made in Vietnam.....
  11. https://www.opticsplanet.com/sig-sauer-romeo1-1x30mm-reflex-red-dot-sight.html Looks like 4-6 weeks wait time.....sorry!
  12. I think Optics Planet has some....
  13. I like it, but don't love it. I wouldn't purchase again after using it a few times. Like "Kilrb" stated, I'm getting better results on my own....YMMV.
  14. psyops

    P320 X5 Thread

    ....maybe I did too, mine is consistently breaking around 3# 10-14oz. I'm thrilled!!
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