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  1. I apologize for the very late reply. The Posi-lock feature is available in the 2011 mag release only.
  2. Thank you!!! We appreciate your business and kind words!
  3. Wormie, Please give us a call at 866-300-1911, we need to get a little more info to figure out why your having a problem with the grip tape.
  4. Buddy, we do sell a mag tuning kit. Give us a call and we can better determine if the kit would help or if you may have another issue.
  5. Still working on it, we will get there. There's a lot to this gunsmithing, Hey thanks for all the support over the years. Dave Dawson
  6. Check out our new web site http://competitionshooters.com We are offering free standard shipping on all purchases for a limited time. We hope you like it. You will need to make a new account login on the new site if you haven't already.
  7. We are still in the gun business! we revamped our pistol section on our website recently, sorry for the confusion. Daniel
  8. We have STI 2011 mag bodies in stock. Haven't had any issue with getting them. There was a point during 2013 when all mags and tubes were hard to get due to the buying craze, but everything has returned to normal.
  9. Give us a call at 866-300-1911 to discuss the sight options for your pistol.
  10. I will pass your request along. I have not heard of any plans at this time, but we are constantly adding new parts.
  11. EDA, sorry it took this long to respond to your post. We get very busy and I don't get on here often enough, my apologies. The Dawson Precision competition followers for STI magazines do no lock the slide back. Unfortunately, we do not offer a competition follower for 9mm only 30 Super, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP.
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