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  1. I would like to know if you succeed!
  2. I have the file, but I need to remove a shooters second entry - a just-for-fun entry, but it has his USPSA number tied to it. I was told I can edit the file - it's just a csv format, but it looks all wrong. I don't think the file I'm downloading from PS is correct. Only thing is, I've never seen a PS download before. This is a newly sanctioned club and match. Does anyone have a small downloaded file for Steel challenge that I could see, just to learn if what I have is right or not? I know shooters are getting tired of the delay in posting. Thanks!
  3. Be aware that pistol is the PXT (Power eXTractor) series. It has Para's own design of extractor. If you have trouble with it, I think EGW still has their replacement extractor - but a standard 1911 extractor won't fit. The tunnel is oversized in the slide.
  4. There's not many resources left for those of us still shooting 16.40s from Ye Olden Times. I'm hoping that 3rd party manufacturers will support the new Remington doublestacks, since they are essentially Paras. I know they take the same mags.
  5. Aaand for some reason I can't flip the pic! Well, just rotate your phone (or computer screen) 180° please. [emoji1] Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. Wow, talk about a thread back from the dead! To commemorate, here's my 686-1 that I set up for Steel back in 07 and never used until this year. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  7. Hello all, I am working with the management of Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY (South Central KY, on I65) to produce a sanctioned monthly Steel Challenge match. I was involved with the USPSA matches there but this is my first time undertaking a project like this alone. Any tips would be appreciated. Right now I'm trying to gauge interest; the management of the range is all for it but I want to show there is a solid base that will attend before I ask them to sink money into steel. As I'm building awareness of it in the area, I've established social media presences to help disseminate information as I get it. Ideally, this would be ready to launch in the Spring. Dates are one of the first things people ask about, but it's further down my list - once I have people's interest, I'll ask the range to give me the dates they would like it to be on, and I'll try to coordinate that with other area matches in an effort to prevent as much overlap as possible. If you're near enough and would come visit, or know someone in the area who might be interested, please pass this information along: www.facebook.com/rockcastlesteel @rockcastlesteel on Twitter www.rockcastlesteel.org <- right now just redirects to the FB page I would really like to see this take off, since there's not an existing official match within two hours' drive. Thanks!
  8. Anopsis

    Slide options for p18

    Any slide is going to require fitting if you want it to run right. If everything is 'drop in' you're going to have some loose tolerances.
  9. Anopsis

    Slide options for p18

    Actually, the PXT won't matter if you're swapping the whole slide, sorry!
  10. Anopsis

    Slide options for p18

    As long as it's not an LDA or fitted with the PXT extractor, you should be fine. As for the barrel, make sure you get a Para/Clark ramp, not the Wilson/Nolin style.
  11. Anopsis

    Para Magwells

    I sent you a private message. Cheers!
  12. Anopsis

    Para Magwells

    I'm sure you thought I was yankin' your chain, but I had time to dig through old gun parts in my shop today, and I found it! It's rough looking on the bottom, where it's been ground on a time or two to remove dings from bungled reloads, but if you want to pay for mailing it to ya, it's yours. It included the required wider-than-stock basepin as well. It looks better in person than in the pics.
  13. Anopsis

    Para Magwells

    Dude I *MIGHT* have the original Dawson aluminum (non-insert style) magwell from my TJ (SX1640J). I'll take a look in the shop and see. If so, it's yours for postage. CDC
  14. Ah, I was unaware of this version. Cool. My Dlask ultralight isn't pretty but it feels awesome. Then again I'm not a fan of flat triggers, lol
  15. Nope, not fit for that. I recommend a Dlask ultralight. I have one and love it.
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