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  1. I am not familiar with the single stainless gas ring, but the symptoms you describe are classic for gas ring problems.
  2. It sounds like it's time to replace the gas rings.
  3. For those that are running the r12q, what are your thoughts on the overall size of this caddie ? I'm looking at picking up some new caddies and am wondering if thus will take up too much vertical space. With all shell bases touching do you have any issues grabbing four without disrupting the next shells ?
  4. Hey Pat I do something real similar. I have a target that I shot a group on at 100 yards. I shot this group right after i had all my long range holds doped out good. When I am going to a match and don't have a chance to actually shoot my long range zero then I take that same target, tape up the group and shoot another 100 yard group. If my rounds group on top of the old holes then I know my zero is right on the money.
  5. I've been shooting them recently for practice. I'm having the same results as dutchman as far as ignition. They requires the most pressure to seat compared to CCI and federal.
  6. Check and make sure the side bolts are tight that hold the grip to the frame. This has been known to cause extraction problems.
  7. Lou Bonitz at Grizzly Custom Columbia Falls Montana
  8. Measure the old pin with a caliper and see if it is out of round. The pin may have been fit to your gun. I ran into this with a factory sti gun. I did use emery cloth and a file to refit a new pin. My lockup with the new pin prior to fitting it was just like you're describing.
  9. CFE is a low volumn charge for the charge weight. The extra space in the case when loaded long is probably causing some erratic ignition problems. I ran into the same problem when I tried it. I never chonographed but could hear a distinct difference at times in the report sound from a bang to a pop.
  10. I was watching 3 Gun Nation event #1, stage 5. Ravin Perry ran the stage in 24.71. Hoerner runs the stage next in 26.06. It appeared that Hoerner shot the stage smoother and faster. I watched it a couple more times and was convinced that Hoerner was faster. Put the stop watch to it and Perry actually shot it in 30 seconds and change. Makes me wonder how many scoring gaffs actually happen at a match.
  11. I picked up some cfe pistol to try. Loaded 5.6 grains with a Montana Gold 180 jhp loaded to 1.185. The accuracy was actually really good. I shot about 200 rounds and started having failure to extract issues. Extractor was in good order. I was surprised how dirty the gun was though. Cleaned the gun up and shot some more the gun ran good for a while and then wen. Back to the extraction issues. The gun was once again very dirty. I went back to wst and have not had an extraction issue since. In my gun at least it appears that the particles and grime were causing this problem.
  12. One of the aspects I like in a multigun match is difficult rifle targets. The Northwest Multigun had these without stretching much past 250 yards. I liked their stage layout where you had long range, move and shoot close range and then long range again. I do like to see some shots pushing 350-400 but with a shooting position that gives you the stability to make the shot. I like to see the need to know the ballistics and hold over on your rifle. Great Job Scott and Doug !
  13. I was interested in this mount a while back and read this thread. After reading it I was having second thoughts about it. I ended up buying one and set everything up with the factory recommended specs. I was shooting this week and had a jam that I flat out put one hell of a beating on the but of the stock while pulling on the charging handle but still couldn't clear it. Ended up having to use a screw driver and hammer to clear it. After all that I was concerned about my zero. Took the rifle back out and the zero had not moved at all. Just wanted to pass on the positive experience with the mount.
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