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  1. A DILLON electric brass trimmer also sizes your rifle brass so it must be lubricated. I learned that the hard way and didn’t lube my first case. That was stuck in my trim die “with no chance of pulling it out” for about 3 hours until DILLON suggested drilling it out. I read the directions more closely and ask a lot more questions these days before loading a new caliber that I’m not familiar with.
  2. Thanks to everyone that helped me with this question. I think I’m going to at least lube my cases in separate shoe box before pouring them into the 650.
  3. I’ve been reloading since I took up competitive shooting in 2003. I reload several pistol calibers but mainly 38SC for competition. When I had an Open gun built for me, my gun builder came by to help me switch from a 550 into a 650 with a case feeder. At 50 years old it’s much easier for me if I lube the cases before sizing, he recommended using straight lanolin from a tube, put a little on your hands and rotating the unsized brass until lightly lubed. It didn’t take long to figure out this was to messy so I switched to One Shot and started spraying the brass right in the brass feeder, works great so far. My question is, obviously some of those cases are pointed up and the lube is covering the inside of my case. I’ve never had a squib, misfire or any cartridge malfunction in over 100,000 rounds of reloaded ammo, but is this a stupid practice to do and eventually, it will foul my powder or is this what a lot of people are doing with their pistol brass?
  4. I’ve actually changed to another clutch from another plate. It rotates fine. I’ve tried it with 20 pieces of brass and also 200 pieces of brass, neither fixes the problem. Dillon has replaced my feeding tube so I assume the warranty applies to parts of the case feeder, just not the motor. I am really perplexed on this one.
  5. The bowl is still as solid as it ever was, which isn’t saying a whole lot.
  6. Everything has worked perfect for first 50K rounds. Then I poured in brand new 38 Super Comp brass and I noticed that the brass was not getting picked up very quickly by the plastic case plate. After I loaded those I went back to nickel plated rounds and now these too were loading slower. My plate can make one full rotation and sometimes only picks up 6 or 7 rounds. Dillon asked me to put a fender washer under the plate at the button, no help, then I was told scrub the plastic bowl really well, no help. Dillon won’t just send me a new plate and they keep hinting that if this doesn’t work I might have to send mine back to them for an inspection. I think I’m somehow missing out on their no BS warranty. Anybody with any suggestions?
  7. You are absolutely correct, regardless of which side it is on, our stars go into battle first. I have never heard that it is correct to have it on one side or the other as long as it is being displayed properly. When I invision our flag waiving in the wind, I see it with the stars and field on the left, so on both of the team shirts that I have designed I placed the flag on our left shoulders, stars forward. I too have seen shirts made with the flag on either side and on some, I've seen the flag was displayed on both shoulders on the same shirt. I will never design a shirt that does not display our flag, I just hope that because I like the look of it on the left sleeve better, I am not disrespecting or incorrectly displaying our flag. This is something that I take very seriously and will try and correct it if necessary. Please let me know of any other information on this. Thank You
  8. Sorry for the slow comeback on this Swanny. You don't really need any company names to make a great looking shirt, look at what AWFAXIS did with there group shirts. Some of their shirts might have company logos on them, but they would look awesome with just the USPSA logo and your name one the back. TECHWEAR used to have preapproval to print some of the company logos that they show on one of their pages. I don't know if that's true anymore. Mine have been just that simple. The current shirts we wear, just show the gun stores logo, name and email address on the back with my name just above that under the collar. Left sleeve I "always" have the American flag and on the right side I have the Glock logo. That logo took some doing but I have one of the top GSSF shooters on my team. Sides have our website again or TECHWEAR will put their logo. On the front I have my first name on the left and my stores logo on the right. Shirts are black fade to royal blue. TECHWEAR will help you some matching custom color strips for the side if you want them. The skies the limit on their colors.
  9. TECHWEAR is the only way to go in my opinion. I've designed Team Shirts when I shot for a major shooting goods company and this year I redesigned the shirts when my team starting shooting for a firearms retailer. As everyone has said before there're a great company to work with and have great basic designs to get you headed in the right direction. The colors of your shirt, that TECHWEAR emails you for your final approval are pretty close to what you get but not exact. Between different colored monitors that you use and what somebody else uses will have slight color variations to them. I also like the fades and I think the coloring is harder because you're mixing colors together. As far as size, they can build the shirt that you want. I'm 6'7" - 275lb and a XXL tall fits me perfect and I like them tighter around the waist so they stay out of my way. I wanted to go with the button up polo but in the pictures they looked to me like they don't lay very flat, so I've always done polos with zipper fronts. Is the look really that important? It is to me when my sponsor is laying out around $1,700 for all of your shirts. I think the best feature of these shirts that no one has mentioned is the quality and the performance of them. Their custom polo shirts are side vented and made from a material that I think is much cooler than any other national name brandB shirt I've worn and I've tried them all. We shoot in 90 to 100 degree weather in the summer and this was a huge reason for me choosing TECHWEAR. Ok and they look pretty cool too.
  10. Also in the catagory of whatever it's worth: For less expensive ammo look at Fiocchi - Target Load - 1200 Velocity - 7 1/2 shot - 1 1/8oz. They sell for about $3.00 a box less then AA's or Nitro 27's, they also have a really nice flat primer to help ignition on a light or off center strike and recoil is similar to the AA's. I've only run 4 or 5 boxes so far at 100% reliability so more time will tell.
  11. I just got my comp today and will be installing it tomorrow with my buddy’s mill. I too started with the Tromix gas booster bushings and I really couldn’t tell much difference. The key for me was the light recoil spring, after that was install I have yet to have a misfeed of any kind with AAs or STSs. It still won’t cycle the cheap Walmart stuff, I get a stovepipe about every 5 rounds. At my local Walmart, the price for cheap Federal’s is only a buck or two less than the Winchester AAs at Scheels and since I shoot for Scheels it’s probably better if most of my products come for there. So the bottom line is that now my gun runs perfect and I know I should leave things along that aren’t busted, but I’d love to get my recoil closer to my 1100. Plus these comps look super cool.
  12. Hi Mike, I'm in the same boat as you, I own the gun but will be shooting my 1100 until the MKA mags are out and I can jack some 922 parts into it. I do know one thing, we are very lucky to have Jim at Firebird working on our problem. Tons of guys on this forum love him and I've heard his name mentioned quit a bit at multigun matches. My buddy did see one of his extentions on a mag at the SHOT show last week at the RAAC Booth and Jim was nice enough to let him take a picture of it and send it to me. My guy said it was top quality and it likes pretty cool too. Guy
  13. Hi J-Ho, I don't see what your looking at on Firebird's website. He's promised people a 10 round magazine with the purchase of his tricked out 1919, but I don't see were the rest of us can buy them. If you where we can order them I would appreciate you letting us know. Thanks, Guy
  14. Thanks Doug, This is a great checklist. Guy
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