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  1. Thanks Flat, I am VERY familiar with UNcompany, I have purchased all of the 5 WA SVI's I have owned from them. (They actually are a minor sponsor of my own web site) I already know where to find a mount, I just need to find a green dot that wont set me back too much. 150 for a C-more is currently out of my price range.
  2. Hello, I am an AIRSOFT Practical Shooter. My Airsoft replica is modeled after a 6" SVI Hybrid Comp, Here is a photo of my Pistol: I am looking for a holster for this, I have looked into Safariland 012 and SpeedComps, but I wanted something not so expensive. I have looked at Blade Techs, but I am unsure how they work or how to order them to specifically fit my pistol. I also am looking for an affordable GREEN dot reflex sight. Can anyone help me or at the least, point me in the right direction? Thanks Caelyn
  3. That particular pistol is an Airsoft replicas made by "Western Arms" in Japan. It isn't really a replica though, because it is based of of Strayer Voight Infinity pistol designs. And since we know SVI's are custom, you can't really make a replica. Though Western Arms does have licensing through SVI to make their replicas. If you go to the SVI web site: http://www.sviguns.com/ And click on "Airsoft" you will find a link to the Western Arms site in Japan. However... you cannot buy Western Arms guns from Japan unless you live IN Japan. The only way we can get them, is to buy them from Hong Kong retailers. I buy most of my Airsoft race gun's from http://www.uncompany.com UNcompany sells Western Arms pistols stock, and pre-modified to be even more useful in races. My pistol, pictured here: May look modified, but it is actually bone stock from Western Arms. However, there ARE many many customizations you can get for Western Arms and other brands of airsoft pistols. From Upgraded lightweight aluminum slides, tightbore inner barrels, heavy recoil and hammer springs to increase cycle speed, heavier metal magwells, to lower center of gravity and increase frame mass, etc.... You will also notice in THAT picture, that there is orange paint on the barrel. An unfortunate necessity in order to get them imported into the US. Easily remedied though, a little acetone takes it right off. The orange is only necessary during shipment from retailers to end users. If you want, you can check out the Practical Shooting section of my forum here: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/index.php?showforum=194 There are quite a few threads in there that will show you what airsoft is capable of when it comes to practical competition. A guy named Ben Stoeger who shoots USPSA came to my forums to ask about Airsoft for use in training for his real steel matches. I followed up with him recently and he is more than happy with his Airsoft replicas for that use. He doesn't actually compete with Airsoft, but he has found them a very useful tool for training. Yes, in the bottom of that box is a fluffy pillow. . That's a little trick I learned from videos of Airsoft practical shooters in Hong Kong. Airsoft practical shooting is MUCH bigger in Hong Kong and Japan than anywhere else for obvious reasons. If you watch a lot of the videos of practical shooting from hong kong you will see how sometimes their entire course floor is padded so they can drop their custom reinforced mags anywhere they want. But for my range, I can't at this time afford to do such a thing. So I place padded bottom boxes at places where there is either a mandatory reload or places where I think those with the lowest capacity mags may NEED to reload based on estimated shot counts. Here is a copy of a PM I sent to one of the other members here who asked about where to buy good Airsoft pistols for practical shooting:
  4. Hey guys... Just in case you are interested (The lack of responses to this thread says you probably aren't) Here is a Demo video for my Enhanced TAPSS system and my Airsoft Practical Shooting Range.
  5. You guys and gals at Enos helped me out early on in my development of my Airsoft practical shooting system, so I figured I would shoot you guys a copy of my Announcement. ________________________________________________________________________ Airsoft Specialists is proud to announce its new Airsoft Practical Shooting Range and Airsoft Weapons Training Facility. The deposit has been made, and the lease will be signed by Friday, May 11th. As far as I know, this will be the first facility dedicated solely to Airsoft Practical Shooting to be opened in the United States. This facility will have several purposes, the first and foremost dealing with Enhanced TAPSS Competition. Please read the Enhanced TAPSS primer to see what Enhanced TAPSS is about. Monthy or Bi-Monthly Enhanced TAPSS Leagues Pre-Registered base entry Fee of $15 per person (Includes swap meet entry) Walk in entry fee of $17 per person (Includes Swap meet entry) Includes one class entry and one set of 5 silhouette targets Addition class entries are an additional 5 dollars per class. Extra Silhouette Targets are .25 cents each. Non participant spectating is free. Depending on availability, Airsoft Arms may be on site with BB's Gas, Parts etc. Weekly open practice nights: (Possibly starting by May 22nd) Every Tuesday night will be Practical Range practice nights. Hours 5:00-9:00 PM Entry fee of 7 dollars. Shooters are expected to do their own scoring Shooters must bring their own paper targets or buy targets from Airsoft Specialists. Shooters on site can "suggest" their own course layouts to the site manager or use the layouts planned for the next competition. Special Large Scale Enhanced TAPSS Tournaments: Entry fees will be larger Prizes will be offered Date's to be announced. Airsoft Swap Meets (In conjunction with TAPSS Competitions) Non participants in the TAPSS events are charged $5 to display items for sale or trade. Private Team Airsoft Practical Weapons Training (by appointment only) $10 per team member. Minimum of 5 team members required or minimum of $50. Cost does NOT include paper targets. Teams must order and bring their own targets to fit on 12X18 target traps. Site manager will do scoring. 2 Week's advance notice and $ 50 non-refundable deposit required to schedule an appointment. Here is the facility floor plan: http://www.airsoftspecialists.com/articles...S_basefloor.png Courses will be designed using modular and movable PVC barrier walls, target stands and other movable barriers and tools. This allows easy changing of the course between weeks and even between individual stages at competition. The property is at: (Or about) 1030 S Erie Blvd (Rt. 4) Hamilton, Ohio 45011 The actual street address is: 1524 Bender Ave Here is a satellite photo to show you where it is: On site parking for 15-20 cars. No bathrooms IN the facility but a bathroom key will be available for a bathroom in a neighboring building, or you can use bathrooms in one of the nearby restaurants or stores. Nearby Stores and Restaurants: Kroger KMart Skyline Chili KFC Gold Star Chili Burger King White Castle Penn Station East Coast Subs All within a few blocks on Erie Blvd. (Rt. 4)
  6. Hey my pleasure. I have a question for you folks. If you can forgive my IPSC ignorance. While it WAS bb IPSC videos from Hong Kong that peaked my interest in Practical Shooting. I have never actually done any form of true IPSC. When I first started with bb practical shooting, I was closer to IDPA, then of course I made my own morph of that, in TAPSS. SO, the question is, in IPSC, what are the most common ranges to target? After seeing these plate carriers, I am getting interested in bbIPSC again. I suppose I should just go find the IPSC website though. The problem is, that bb IPSC competition web sites (IE where it is ONLY about bb IPSC, not just as a practice tool for real IPSC) are almost always in chinese or japanese. Ahh well anyway....Keep me updated and let me know if any of my ideas pan out for you.
  7. No Prob... I just had another idea... but havent tested it. Foam Core Board. You know that stuff that they sell at art stores, or office max (they use it for presentation posters and stuff where I work) Its like 3/8 inch thick, and has cardstock like paper on both sides of it. Again.. it would have to be a consumbable... but it may work.
  8. Hey everyone. I was pointed to this thread, and this forum, by an acquaintance of mine that shoots IPSC. (oops, he posted just above me ) He came to me through my work at AirsoftForum.com asking my advice for a an airsoft race gun for home practice. I administrate the forum at Airsoft Forum, and own my own site http://www.airsoftspecialists.com Anyway, I have an airsoft race system called TAPSS or "Tactical Airsoft Pistol Speed Shooting" that I have held a few sponsored events for in Joliet, IL. It's a simple timed race system, designed as a training aid for airsoft pistol combat. Anyway... enough background. I have some suggestions for your poppers and plate racks. You have been having some ricochet issues, which is always going to happen when shooting plastic bbs against anything hard. But you can limit the amount of ricochet, if you use a material I use in my bb traps (which you can find instructions for in the article linked above) If you can make replaceable faces for your plates, out of owens corning pink home insulation foam... it may significantly reduce the amount of ricochet. And depending on how thick you make them, they may actually CATCH the bbs on the plates. My bb traps use 3/4 inch thick owens corning pink insulating foam..and a normal gas blowback pistol will put a bb through the one layer of foam, and get caught in the second. But with a hard backing behind (your plate) it may just provide enough slow down, to prevent ricochet, or catch the bb in the foam on the plate. And on the chance that you MISS the plate (GASP, surely not!) You may even want to just put a sheet of insulating foam behind your plate rack. Anywhoo, here is a direct link to the instructions for my bb traps... scroll down and you can see pictures of how the bbs react to the foam. http://airsoftspecialists.com/articles/tar...targettraps.htm Hope I helped Caelyn
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