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  1. Took a 8 year break, life getting the way. Started back up in the spring. My son who shot with me before also started back up. Had a tear in my eye driving to our first match. My other 2 sons have shot as well. One getting bit by the bug, the other just dabbling. I am enjoying it so much my placement doesn't matter.
  2. I would pay 100 bucks a piece. They are better than EGW!
  3. The USPSA web site has this match listed as May 8-9. The CASA site says May 1-2. Which is correct? I shot this match a couple years ago and had a blast. I'm hoping it lines up with my weekends off this year. Thanks
  4. Tom, how will the prize table be handled this year? Order of finish , random drawing?
  5. What about a special local penalty where the shooter is required to repair any damage done by thier bullets? Only seems fair.
  6. If a category is recognized, 1st should always be awarded. The shooter did their part; the match just did not attract enough shooters for that category. .02
  7. Sorry for the loss of your father. I see by your posts much of the good in him lives on in you. God bless you and yours.
  8. Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas. Enjoyed everyone.
  9. +1 I have never gone to or skipped a match based on the prize distribution method. I dislike $100+ trophy matches.
  10. Gwhiz

    I hate my life

    Hang in there. Take the high road, kids watch. This could be a bi-polar event. That causes some wild swings in ones life. Just something to think about. Prayers inbound for you and yours.
  11. I shot the stage that started this thread. The minimun foot work was the same no mater which card you picked. Two of the arrays target were edge to edge, transitions changed very little(if any). I'm not a fan of this type of memory course but the stage was fair to all.
  12. I hate the use of the HOA when people apply it to classes or even divisions. In any match there is only 1 HIGH OVER ALL. That person is the champion. All other slotting is for decoration.
  13. Robert on stage 11 can we bring our own gloves? Looks llike a ton of fun.
  14. As a life member of USPSA I would rather loose with a team from an open competition than win with "hired guns". I do not have the time or burning desire to earn a position on a WS team, but I have great admiration for those who do. I have emailed my AD to ask that this mater be reconsidered.
  15. Orginally,1977 version, Hans shot first and best. When it was reissued George Lucas made several changes including Hans now returning fire.
  16. the match is the thing for me. I don't care much for the raffle type of prize distribution, but it has never kept me away from a match. Whatever is done with prizes or plaques tell everyone before the match and stick to it. If you're giving class winners, whatever, give one to the 1st C Rev (for example) even if he/she is the only C Rev. It is not his/her fault your match did not have more people in the class.
  17. I also went through the squads twice and could not find myself. Seems I've changed my last name. At least I hope I've found myself.
  18. QUOTE What do you say to someone when they say..., "I've got 18 DUI's" "Its amazing you're not dead; and a pity."
  19. I would say trying to win stages sucks. Wrong focus, think bigger picture. It is about maximizing your performance, not where you place.
  20. Gwhiz

    Okay kiddies,

    20 for 20 but these were from just a couple of years back; weren't they? Where did the years go?
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