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  1. @nagantino wow.. I came here looking for similar issues and this is mine. I have a Sig p320 x5Legion with Romeo1pro. Bench bag 18yrd and money every time. In a match what I find is I am shooting low on the targets to my left where I draw up from right to left. My center and right targets I tend to shoot successfully. I literally took 4 shots at one target and even slightly paused for aim and had red dot in dead center at only 12yrd and shot right below the plate. Rest of match I aimed top of plate to hit slightly below center. I am all new to Steel Challenge and I feel my issue may be related to body movement (not turning at hips etc) and slapping the trigger. Clearly when I run a string and don't care about time and try to hit each plate I do.. lol.. so like @RJH said, it's trigger control at speed... Now.. recommendations on fixing that? Thanks mike
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