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    I Hope

    I hope those people come to know a good bail bondsman and a good lawyer. Sounds like they are going to need them.
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    Being a good Parent is a lot like being a good commanding offocer. Everything I know about Parenting was given form by Mel Gibson's movie "We were Soldiers Once". Go rent it it and watch it. But, turn the sound off! Don't listen to what Mel Gibson as Hal Moore says, look at what he does. A Good Commander is: !. Visable. You do not appear at morning formation yell and threaten, then dissapear to the golf course and O club for the rest of the day. You are there, in the motor pool, mess hall, rifle range, where ever your troops are, so are you. Up front. 2. Involved. You are a part of what is happening, not an observer. You know who the people are. Not just Company Commanders and 1st Sgts., but as may people as your memory can hold. That includes B company's Duty Sgt. as well as C companys vechicle dispatcher. 3. Knowledge-able . It isn't your job to do everybodies job, but to know what it is. When my 16 year old mentions '8 Mile' I know what she means. When my 19 year old mentions ' Full Metal Alchemist' I know what she's talking about. So there it is. Joad's opinion on Parenting. First in, last out, Sir!
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    My Girls

    i am constantly amazed by my two daughters aged 19 amd 16. They: cook,do dishes, put out the trash, take care of the yard,take care of the dogs, shop, do laundry, and probably do a lot of other things I am not aware of. What did I do right?
  4. Oh @#$%&* yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever eaten one? Do you know anyody who has? Who was the baseball (?) player who ate one raw?
  5. As I view the ruins of a once great nation from its post-industrial squlor, I am not suprised. The attitude that the world owes me a living has over run our culture. In my city of Austin, Tx there is a big fight going on over the construction of toll roads. The current road system is totally inadequate as is the mass transit system for that matter. The attitude seems to be "you owe me a highway so I can drive any way I feel like any time I want to any place I feel like at 100 miles per hour on gas the President is expected to personally deliver to my house at a cost of 2 cents a gallon." The concept that everything costs something is totally lost on everybody. Another observation: my wife and I are square dancers, In the 20 years I have been dancing, I have watched the activity steadly decline. Clubs active for many years have folded due to lack of membership. Callers have stopped calling due to lack of work. Our national convention used to attract 8 to 10 thousand people. At last word, this years convention will have only about 5,000 people attending.The excuses people offer are all the same " I don't have time" " I'm not into commitments" " You have to learn to do it?" " You dance every week?" I believe this indicates a total inability to commit to anything- job, marriage, kids, school, a way of life. I am sorry to see this happen. My Grandfather came to this country from Italy in 1905 as a member of a labor gang to work on the New York City subway 10 hours a day 6 days a week with a pick and shovel for $1 A DAY. HIs son my father passed away in July of 2003. He was a COL in the Air Force, a graduate of St. Francis College, An oral surgeon and dental anesthetist. His grandson is me. I am a 1969 graduate of Texas Tech University. I am retired from the Texas Army National Guard as well as the Federal Civil Service. At the age of 58 I have started a second career as a warehouse laborer. I own my own home which is paid for. We have two cars one paid for. None of this was accomplished by anyone who sat around with a joint in one hand and a beer in the other and said "you own me".
  6. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Hippie Hollow The highway between Ft. Worth and my Aunt's house in Jacksboro
  7. joad58_847


    i hate women who put on more that they take off when they go swimming. The less the better!!!!
  8. What is this '+P' business on semi-auto ammunition? What I mean is can I safely shoot '+P'ammunition in a semi-auto pistol not marked '+P'? I have never seen a semi-auto pistol in any caliber marked '+P', but I do see '+P' semi-auto ammunition all the time? This question refers specificly to the .38 SUPER semi-auto. My pistol is marked '.38 super auto'. Fine, I understand that. But I cannot find any ammunition the is not marked '+P'. Is there anybody out there who can give me an answer?? It is ok to email me.
  9. Can anyone tell me where to find a firing pin for a Tanfoglio FAB 92? Great pistol. You'd think parts would be easy to find. No, the EAA Witness ones do not fit. Too small. Email me if you can help. Thanks people.
  10. Too cute, just too cute.
  11. Add to my list Bulitt- No seat belts No body armor Everybody shoots a revolver or pump shotgun No cell phones, PDAs, or PCs Real by-Gawd CARS!!!!! Women wear real dresses and heels The characters speak understandable English The people in San Francisco act like normal humanbeings(?)! What's Up Tiger LIlly (Adult version) funnnyest @#$%&*!! movie ever made. It's A Wonderful Life -- Need I say more?
  12. No State Income Tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asleep At the Wheel records three miles form my house. The world's greatest honky-tonk, The Broken Spoke not a tourist trap in Ft Worth,is five miles from my house. Spurs and Mavs and Rockets. Bob Wills was born here.
  13. Sit down and watch '8 Mile' in the context of a western sometime. Ever wonder why rapers refer to their hangers-on as a 'posse'?
  14. Where can I find a IPSC legal holster for a high-cap bersa thunder 9? Nobody seems to have heard of them. Maybe because Bersa is an small agile company that put out a good (buy it rating from gun tests) product that also happen to be reasonably priced?
  15. Every time I hear "Shooter ready? Staand by!" Iam crouching tiger i am hidden dragon. God i love this sport!!!!!
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