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  1. Awesomeness will be achieved. Either through performance or comedy stay tuned
  2. Just dive in and do it Friday. It will be my first so we can laugh at each other and have fun doing it. Ryan
  3. Bought 5 of the first 31 round 9mm mags and set them aside. Start using them 2 months ago when my son started PCC. Nothing but trouble. Contacted the company and got new followers. Same problems of rounds hanging up in the mag and leveling out instead of staying nose up. This is with reloads and factory Federal and Winchester 115. The 15 round mag for the G19 has worked flawlessly.
  4. It's all I use for 3gun and it works out well.
  5. I'm with you. The match is always fun and the people working it make it.
  6. Hi Ryan, I'm interested in your Seekins upper & lower. I see the lower has a bolt catch and the upper has the dust cover. Are there any other parts on them, forward assist, etc.?

    Thanks, Steve

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    2. sono


      I actually sold it Monday.  Thank you for the offer. 

    3. sono


      I actually sold it Monday.  Thank you for the offer. 

    4. IHMSA15151


      Ok, thanks for getting back to me.

  7. I'm guessing everyone gets a refund now? I had to back out and was told there would be a credit at the range.
  8. Had to back out and PNTC has a no refund policy. So if anyone wants my paid slot I'll sell it at a discount PM me.
  9. I have the Razor and Strike eagle on different rifles. I run both but the Razor gets more range time. The strike eagle is a winner due to the lighter weight and price. The drop lines work good enough for 3gun. My next scope will be anothe strike eagle. What it may lack when compared to other it well makes up for in price and weight savings.
  10. Ok you two you're making me want to dust off the M1a. Looking forward to seeing everyone and I want some long range.
  11. A huge thanks to the AMU. Simply put this is what a match should be.
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