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  1. Just shot the ProAm at Rockcastle. Seems like a good place for the Nationals. Terrain, distance, jungle run, everything you'd want.
  2. Magazines will seat easily with 7 rounds, but won't lock in place with 8 rounds. Hate slamming magazines into the gun only to see them fall out. Cut springs?
  3. Does anybody ever trim their brass for overall length?
  4. Look for dirt and debris inside the tumbled brass. Found caked dirt in one case which would have caused an outrageous overpressure. Also try using a Lee Factory crimp die to avoid bullet setback.
  5. Download the map, you'll see the stage locations. Stages are where your car is parked.
  6. Search for: rifleman's journal, neck tension. Good twelve page article on neck tension and how to achieve it.
  7. If you've got more than .003 tension, think about using VLD chamfer to avoid shaving copper when seating bullet.
  8. My load for the Garand, using surplus brass, is 46gr of 4064 behind a 150gr Sierra Match King. Excellent accuracy. Oh, the primer is CCI Large Rifle.
  9. You could use powdered mica to lubricate the inside and outside of the neck. Makes it a lot easier for the expander ball to slide. Just dip the neck in a small cup of the powder.
  10. What powder are you loading? Are you with specs for that round? Doesn't look over pressure to me. Flatted primers would not have that bevel on the outside of the primer pocket. Each different manufacturer has different hardness of brass. Google the chart that's floating around the internet. I reload on a Dillon 550, doing each round individually so that I can feel the neck tension when seating the bullet. If loaded correctly, and not to maximum, the brass will last a long time. Case neck splitting from over working the brass is my signal to toss out the brass. Larger flash hole could cause initial overpressure, since it will ignite the powder intensely, working like a magnum primer.
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