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  1. A rag and some car polish should make it a lot better to see the powder level.
  2. Range Master should cancel the match. Running in the rain- wet and muddy ground,running while finger is on or near the trigger--not a good idea. Been shooting IPSC for approx 30 years. Slipped over on muddy ground once. Running on wet/muddy ground- slipped - landed on my knees and elbows and luckily kept finger outside of trigger guard. A safe day is a good day.
  3. Several years ago ,I contacted Wolff re the weight of the striker spring that was always included with the Recoil spring(BTW, I use 11 pound Recoil springs in my 3x IPSC Glocks) The Striker Spring is stock weight.
  4. I've previously used a Birchwood Casey Super Black Touch Up Pen- Flat Black. No clean-up required.
  5. I've been buying Glock parts and accessories from glockparts.com and rockyourglock.com for approx 15 years. Always had great service and got what I wanted.
  6. Cant ,can't. I bought a DAA Racemaster and solved the problem ! I have a special drawer for kydex holsters.
  7. I use RYG Phantom triggers on my three Glocks. Feels a bit like snapping a freshly picked carrot in half.
  8. I've been loading 9mm for my Open Major Glock 17 and Standard/Limited Glock 34 (2x of them) for around 15-20 years ??? I just checked the taper crimp on them and they all are .370 . I bullet pull on rare occasions- - they come apart easily. I have 3x different brands of match barrels- KKM, LWD and Storm Lake --all the rounds "plunk" fine in each. I hope this helps someone . These are "range only guns" BTW.
  9. Re matteekay, Ditto Ditto for my 629
  10. Been there, done that !!!!! BUT don't get it anywhere on the grip or your hands or it will give you a new set of problems.
  11. Another thumbs up for "fiberopticproducts.com I've enough in stock to open a shop. Been giving it away to pistol club mates for years. I have a good selection of sizes and colors. Have tested all and stuck with red and orange.
  12. jacala


    I've been rotating three 3 pairs of Wigwam hiking socks(and have another 4 spare pairs) for about 8 years and have been waiting a long time for a hole to appear. If somebody can give me a better pair of socks, I will drop my Jockeys at the nearest set of traffic lights. Keeping your toenails trimmed helps.?
  13. jacala

    stove pipes

    Ho hum !!!! I've posted my recipe/mods previously--nobody took note!! My Open Glock has all the mods--from day one never had a single problem EXCEPT I had to Loctite a few screws. Sorry, not bragging, just gets me frustrated to see shooters not doing enough research. Please search my previous posts. Thanks.
  14. jacala

    Range Bag

    I just bought my 3rd (THIRD) CED Range Bag. I need them all ? I think they are the best on the market.Tough and strong. Anybody that breaks or wears out one of these must be really hard on their gear .
  15. I've had a Pact Club 3 Timer for many years--I had one of the battery wires come loose--fixed that and no other problems. If the Go button sticks, I would take it apart and ream the hole out a bit. Another tip-- I use a Lithium battery in it-- less chance of a battery leaking and messing-up the wiring and/or electronics.
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