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  1. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind- just in case. Although, for that price, it might be better to have some spares on hand. Chuck
  2. I'm up and running again with a new pin. This is a great Forum! Chuck
  3. Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated. Chuck
  4. I Forum member has offered one at a below new price. I posted my problem on this Forum before any other, because it doesn't seem like a group of strangers. Nice. Chuck
  5. On close examination, it does look like the center rod has snapped off. Darn. And Lee Precision is basically closed- no phone number or email address on their website. Chuck
  6. You can see where I tried- in vain- to grind the primer out. The die needs a little clean-up after it's done! Chuck
  7. Actually, I don't know how it happened. Your question is a good one, but I'm afraid I can't answer it. I only know that there is a spent primer that is very stuck to the tip of the pin. Chuck
  8. I'm a little confused. Since the primer is solidly attached to the pin, I don't see how it gets from the die back into the bottom of a brass case. In any case, it seems to be VERY stuck on the pin. If I'm misunderstanding you, I apologize. Chuck
  9. Hello. I'm using a Lee rotary loading press- I 've had good success with it for many thousands of rounds. But now a used primer is stuck on the tip of the pin, and I can't get into the opening to try to remove it. I also can't loosen the nut that locks the pin in position. Tried about everything. Other than returning it to Lee, any suggestions would be appreciated. Naturally this happened while I was trying to load a bunch of boxes of 9mm. Sheesh. Chuck
  10. Does anyone remember back in the Obama days? He closed the country's largest lead smelting facility. Could that have caused a permanent long range shortage? Chuck
  11. Since Tokarev's groups are a bit left, it's easily remedied by drifting the read sight a little to the right. Then they'll all be in the black. Mine has been a totally dependable shooter. Chuck
  12. I have an extra power striker spring in the XD and, as I stated, the channel is quite clean and dry. The failures with the revolver make me more convinced that it's not the XD, or my reloads- I've done thousands with other primers without a hitch. Chuck
  13. Uh, oh. this isn't looking good. Chuck
  14. Hi, all. I've been loading for a number of years now, and have loaded well up in five figures of cartridges. Nary an issue. I now seem to have a new problem. The last 2000 small pistol primers I used were Federal- 1000 standard, 1000 match. Never had a problem. Now I'm getting FTF's with my Springfield XD. It has a newish spring, the channel is clean and dry. I always look over each box of new reloads to see if any primers are a little high, so I don't think that's an issue. Today, for the first time, I got two FTF's with my S&W 65-3. It has a hammer mounted firing pin. Second strikes on t
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