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  1. What model of Lancer handguard fits JP?
  2. That Makes still looks amazing. Funky reticles but even with the 1-8 they seem like the scope to beat out there.
  3. They are not on Youtube or I just can't find them. Don't get the Blaze channel - used to subscribe but that's over.
  4. wouldn't hpbt 69gn bullets at 2810fps match this just right?
  5. M2 had people bending barrels and remilling recievers to get a straight shooting barrel. Is the SBE2 different or do you need to send it to Redneck and have some magic installed?
  6. Looking for a way to watch 3GN Season1. Available anywhere?
  7. Does the picture indicate we would not have point of aim issues with slugs (considering that you can aim that is)
  8. D__

    MKA 1919

    I got an X-N model. Tried low recoil bird shot and 3dram bird shot and it ran fine out of the box no cleaning. Tried some 1410fps slugs and it one shot, round catching on the edge of frame and barrel not going into barrel. Have not tried since.
  9. Best to email the match director for the local details and paperwork at least 4-5 months in advance. I remember attempting to go to Russia and was told at least 12 months wait for paperwork - match was in 3 months. Some countries are difficult with guns and foreigners - including the USA.
  10. Nosler 124 jhp. Extremely expensive but the best I found out of my Millenium open gun.
  11. Is the problem astigmatuism contacts shift around on you when focusing? You can use non-astigmatism contacts (regular) and that won't happen.
  12. Is lightening the M3500 bolt popular? I loved the TTI bolt in my M1
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