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  1. ok so i can remove the secondary spring and use it as a normal buffer tube or use anything with the second spring
  2. why do u like the first gen more, i plan on using the the jp silence spring , that wont interfer with the secondary spring the zulu 2.0
  3. I started a build for a 3 gun rifle, I wasn't going to do one but wife always said i need a hobby lol. Anyways I already got some parts listed below. what i would like to know is , i was planning on getting a odin works zulu 2.0 but herd there fussy with buffer and springs witch i was planning getting JP silent buffer kit. Another stock i was looking into was BAD SABERTUBE Lightweight Stock Kit, or should i keep it simple and go with Minimalist Stock. thanks in advance. thunder ranch upper and lower FZ lightweight BCG odin works 223 wylde barrel & hand guard hipertouch eclipse trigger
  4. The winter season is coming and i planned on sending my 1301 comp pro to Briley down in Texes to have some work done such as open loading port and a few other thing also might get the Mlok handguard. has anyone ever dealt with them? Also has anyone had the mlok Handguard on a 1301 has effect anything since its a gas gun?
  5. i herd the LWRC rifles use proprietary parts and cant change much sept with there parts such as the hand guard and BCG
  6. i forgot to mention i did install a HIPERTOUCH® ECLIPSE trigger as well it help a lot
  7. i started 3 gun last year and going to be closing up this season with 12. i currently use my LWRC DI that i did a couple mods to such as a comp, and changing the stock to fit me better and added a razor gen 3. the rifle weighs about 8lbs as it sits witch doesn't feel to heavy. i was looking into JP rifle instead of a build, or should i keep what i have. id like to here what ppl use for 3 gun do u build or buy a rifle for 3 gun. if u build where did u start if u bought a rifle what did u get and why.
  8. need help figuring out how scoring works i see somone had a better time then the person ahead of them what do all these mean below % Pts Time Bon Pen Final % psbl
  9. so i been to a few 3 gun matches this year (first) year i have tried my CZ TSO and my Berretta 92X performance trying to find the best one to run and stick with already have my rifle and shotgun set but the pistol im having a hard time deciding because i like the feel of the berretta in my hands and i like the sights, but i like the TSO trigger. some say get a X5 its a happy medium. the only thing i dont like about the berretta is tony systems is the only place that makes parts for it witch is in another country. So im looking for advice and if anyone els had this experience. this will be primary for 3 gun.
  10. Hey everyone from NH. been shooting for 5 years just recently started to get into shooting competitions such as 3 gun. so hopefully i can find advise on here.
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